Tuesday, February 28, 2006

progesterone and craziness

Hello all,
Well, I think I am going crazy! I am on oral progesterone and I think its really messing with me! I feel so much more irritable since I have been on it! Maybe its just pregnancy hormones in general, YUCK! What bums me out the most is I feel like my patience with Matthew has gotten shorter. Like tonight, I had just gotten him down when Jeff came home and screamed my name up the stairs, so much for that!! IT TOOK ME 2 hours to get him back to sleep. He never does that! In fact, I don't know of one day in his little life that he has done that! I was so annoyed! I don't like feeling like that, I have never felt like that!! Well, its only till 12 weeks! I can make it! I can do all things throught Christ who strengthens me! :) Besides that, not much is new !Matthew is so cute, when he isn't boycotting sleeping, what a blessing children are! I know this and have always done such a good job in just enjoying him. Because we never know what tommorrow will bring and I don't want to regret one moment with that little boy! I need to spend more concentrated time each day in the Word and in prayer! With Lent beginning tommorrow, I am going to make that my Lenten promise, to just soak up the Word of GOd daily and spend time talking with God!

Happy Ash Wednesday!


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