Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Giving it to GOD

Hello again,its me from FL! We're getting ready to go to dinner, but I was checking my email while grandma plays with Matthew. I was laying in the sun today, thinking about how our lives will change with the new baby and then started thinking, ok, maybe worrying a little. Worrying about what? Well,first and foremost that this child would be healthy, that we can squeeze some extra buck out of our already tight budget for the stuff it will need, that my pregnancy will be uneventful, that no harm would ever come to either Matthew or this child....I was listening to Coldplay's song , "FIX YOU" and am particularly touched by the lyrics, "Tears streaming, down your face,when you lose something you can not replace" and it makes me think of how sometimes I feel when I worry. That its time wasted and not putting faith into action, in fact not having faith at all. I continually pray, that I can give things to GOD and leave them there,not continuining to take them back again and again. That is my prayer for my life and my children's lives, that they Trust God wholly!

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