Sunday, January 15, 2006

Matthew, cute, fun, what a blessing

Well today Matthew most defintely woke up on the wrong side of the crib! After beginning his waking up session at 3am, he never really went back to sleep and decided not to nap until 12:30, slept for awhile and then woke up screaming! Fun, huh? At least he was good at church, they had him fully entertained. Today, our worship Pastor, who had really left in August to start a new church plant, but was still coming on occasional Sundays to lead worship, officially isn't coming back anymore, I am so sad ! I love listening to him lead us! He has such heart for the Lord and is such an inspiration to me! But, I am praying that the Lord leads someone to us! Exciting things are happening in our church, speaking of, I have to run, I am helping out with youth small group tonight and Matty Man needs a bath!


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