Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Well, the weather officially stinks here! I swear it looked like the middle of the night until about 9:00 am today!! Yuck! Anyways, I had several errands to do and Grandma Barb offered to watch little Matthew for me, so off I was, in the rain to do the mundane things that fill my little life! It was SO not a successful day! It started in an attempt to get gas, the pumps, yes ALL of them were broken, then I went to the Secretary of State only to find out that it was relocated, and when I finally found it, I didn't have all the things I needed to get Jeff a MI liscense plate! Yes, I know we have lived here for almost a year! :) Ask Jeff,it is his car:) I am way too responsible to not have updated registration! Yeah right, this is coming from a girl who had MI plates the first 3 years she lived in ILLINOIS! Oh well, Matthew had fun with Grandma, although he tried boycotting naps for her too! Little Stinker! I did make it to my "miracle worker" chiropractor who may have a soultion for Matt's chronic ear infections, HIS FORMULA! I am switching him to a lacto/milk free formula, so hopefully! That is all from the Simpson front! Stay dry!

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