Friday, April 03, 2015

Florida 2015

We are back from our vacation in Florida. We had a good time filled with sunshine and fun! I thought to recap for down the road when the memories of the trip fade, I would make a top ten list.

10. Watching the kid's faces during the flight to Florida. They were all so in awe of what was happening and thrilled to be on a plane. However, I did not enjoy everyone complaining that their ears hurt for HOURS after we got off the plane.
9. I remember that magical feeling when you get off the plane and you felt the change in climate. The humid air hits you and it feels like Florida is giving you a big, warm hug! Their reactions to palm trees and everything being green was cute too!
8. Having so much time together. Now, let's keep it real, all this togetherness definitely got tense at times, but overall, being with each other, non-stop for seven days was so good for our family.
7. Spending time with grandma and papa. We don't see them nearly enough and the kids loved hanging with grandma and papa.
6. Jeff got a round of golf in! This is a sport he loves but right now in this season of life, there isn't a lot of time for it.
5. We took a dolphin boat tour on Marco Island and not only got to see lots of dolphins but other sea life as well. The company that runs it does a great job of educating everyone on various sea life. The boat also docks at this little island and the kids were able to comb the beach for more shells. Mommy got to lay on the beach and soak in the rays!
4. Eating out! The kids love to eat out and we had lots of yummy food! Matthew, our seafood foodie was in heaven!
3. Spending the day at the beach with my good friend Liz and her family. We spent the entire day playing in the sand, swimming and then celebrated their 13 year daughter's  birthday with dinner and cake poolside.
2. Matthew got to go fishing at my friend's parents condo. They have a boat and are right on the water. Matt, Jeff and Liz's dad sat on the dock for about an hour and Matthew caught three fish. He was so excited and said it was his favorite part of the trip.
1.  This one certainly isn't my top memory, but sleeping in a queen size bed with Jeff without wanting to strangle him is a memorable moment from this trip.  We have had a king size bed for our entire marriage. Usually we really struggle in smaller beds because we are both so used to our own space. But, for some reason on this trip, we didn't mind being close and snuggling close to each other while we slept.
We are back in Portage now. We all slept wonderfully last night and in the interest of full disclosure, there was no snuggling last night. I have never been more excited to sleep in my own room, in our bed. The rest of the town has left for spring break because our school is on break this week. We have the weekend to get unpacked and organized and of course to celebrate Easter. Next week I return to the work I love. I have given some thought to what that will look like. Because my job is helping those with chronic disease and those that are dying, re-entry could be rough and depressing to say the least. I have decided rather than dwell on the depressing aspects of it all, I will move forward with gratefulness. Our family was at a place where we desperately needed a break from our everyday  lives. Jeff and I needed a week of spending time together and being close (even while we slept). We all feel more relaxed, more connected and renewed. For all of these things I am blessed and grateful. For those of you reading that are on Spring Break..enjoy!

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