Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three words

Again and again in these first weeks of the new year I am being bombarded it seems with blog posts from those I follow about choosing some key words to guide you in the new year. At first I will admit I thought it was foolish. What can a word do? How much power does choosing three words give my life? But, the more I thought about it, and really the more I kept reading, it began to make sense. Meditating on these words, focusing, orienting myself, that all sounds like it couldn't do any harm and heck it could prove to bring some good changes to my life. So, I have decided to pick three. My words of focus for my life, my family, my career, my world, for 2015 will be..
1. INTENTIONAL. I am going to try to be intentional with how I spend my time. Transitioning to working full time will make this one tricky at first. But, what better goal than to make every moment count. I think this will also serve me well when it comes to what I put in my mouth! Am I really hungry? What am I hungry for? Do I really want to read this or watch that? Who do I want to spend my time with? What do I want to worry about? I also would like to be more intentional with my relationship with God. Praying intentionally. Worshiping intentionally.
2. LOVING. I want to be more loving with my family. I love them with all that I am. But, I am the first to admit that my lack of sleep and temperament as a parent makes expressing it hard. I want to fill these kids up with love while I am lucky to have them under my roof! I can hardly believe Matthew will soon be ten. It has made me realize that although it seems like time is slowly ticking away, it really goes by so very fast.  I don't want to spend the time I have wishing it away! I want to be more loving with Jeff. I am such a lucky girl when it comes to how patient and helpful my husband is. More date nights,even if it means snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie together, more hand holding, more saying, thank you and I love you. I also want to love on those in my community who struggle. More donating, more figuring out ways that we can love on those who are in desperate need of feeling loved.
3. FUN. I feel so grouchy so much of the time. I want to chill out in 2015. Seize the day! Be in the moment. Stop complaining. Stop WRITING about changing and ACTUALLY CHANGE! This will be hard for me because there are many times that I make a mountain out of a mole hill. Thankfully, Jeff is an excellent teacher in the art of chilling out. I think it is the trait that most compliments me and makes us "work" well as a couple.
How about you? Do you have a word or two? Are there changes you want to make? Join me! 

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Eat. More. Chikin.