Monday, October 14, 2013

Caroline, age 7

Caroline turned seven on Saturday. I had to work all weekend, so I had arranged to have the birthday girl go to my parent's house in Chicago for the weekend. Caroline was spoiled all weekend by Grandma and Papa. She rode the train downtown to the American Girl store where she received the royal treatment! Caroline picked out Saige and brought home all sorts of accessories for her girl including crutches, and casts for her arm and leg! (It must have been a rough weekend for Saige!) Today she is bringing special "egg free" peace sign decorated cupcakes to school and tonight we're celebrating the birthday girl with pizza and cake with a family party! It was strange having our middle girl gone this weekend. The house had less pizazz as normal. When she arrived back yesterday afternoon, life seemed right again:) There are so many things I love about my girl. She is such a talented artist! I have really enjoyed seeing her artistic abilities flurish! She drew the most fantastic self-portrait of herself a few weeks ago. My mom loved it so much that she had it framed and it now hangs in our den! I know I will cherish it always! Caroline has always been strong willed, but we're seeing how that helps her achieve goals. When she is out! She loves soccer and is pretty good. I love watching her competitive nature. Caroline continues to love everything to do with school. Her enthusiasm sometimes gets her into trouble, as she often has to be reminded not to "blurt" out answers and to let everyone have a turn. But, she is always on task and just can't stand not to share. She is definitely the middle child in regards to demanding attention at times, but it is easy to find plenty of things to praise her for! Caroline joined Daisy Scouts last year and enthusiastically participates. If I could pick one word to describe Sweet Caroline, enthusiastic would be it! Last year I picked a letter to describe Caroline for each letter of her name. Here is this year's addition...
C: colorful..
A: aggressive little soccer player. WATCH out!
R: rested! I still can't believe how easily that little girl is about going to sleep! She often will ask to go to bed and you never have to tell her to get back to it! She loves to sleep!
O: original. Whether it is her art work or the outfits she comes up with, all original Caroline!
L: loving!
I: innovative!
N: neat! Caroline loves to clean and is one of the best organizers around!
E: eager, to learn, to draw, to play soccer, whatever it is..Caroline is always eager! We love you sweet Caroline! Happy 7th birthday!

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