Sunday, February 05, 2012

What the hooligans are up to..

Time for an update on what Matthew, Caroline and Ellie are up to these days. Why? No, its not any one's birthday, no one has done anything that spectacular or earth shattering. I guess that's why. Lately I have had a melancholy of sorts with the realization that one day all of this will be a distant memory and my little children will be three teenagers and I want to remember the cute, the irritating and all that falls between.
I think it began when I re reading some old posts about how Matthew use to crawl into our bed in the morning, when Caroline was not even 2 and have the sweetest little chats with me. Let's just say he doesn't do that anymore. What I would give for one more lispy conversation with my little pacie obsessed baby boy. Now he rarely comes into our bed. He is "big" enough to come downstairs without us and almost always sleeps in anyways. Maybe it is that Caroline lost her first tooth and I realized that she is closer to 6 than 5. Or maybe it was that I have found some new blogs lately, the depressing kind that make you want to hold up in your house with your kids and just love them 24 hours a day because really we never know what tomorrow brings. Whatever the reason, here we go...

Matthew..6 but inching closer to 7 with each passing day. Loves Wii, loves Legos, loves Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ninjago, pokemon, Harry Potter, hockey.
Dislikes school but is good at it! He loves to read and is a good student. In fact he just got his second report card and his teacher had lots of glowing things to report about our guy. He has many friends and seems to just get along wherever he goes. He is our night owl and the kid could go on about 5 hours a sleep a night. He is a lover of all things stuffed animals too and sleeps with about 100 at night. He is a big fan of Daddy and is his constant companion.

Caroline..5 and nearly a half. Caroline just lost her first tooth! As I mentioned in another post, her vision is our latest issue. We're going to Ann Arbor and she will be wearing a patch starting next month. Caroline's asthma has been very well controlled this winter and for that we're very grateful! Maybe last year's winter of sickness built the middle sister's immunity? Caroline loves school and excels at it. Favorite past times include coloring, painting, drawing, having mommy spell out letters for her so she can write letters, stories, etc. She still goes to speech therapy twice a week at school and I have to say when she finally loses her lispy way of talking I will be one sad mommy. Things you may hear her say include, " Oh man!" when she is exasperated by not getting her way. " " I weally don't like"..insert pretty much every food except turkey hotdogs, bananas, grapes, bologna or Oreoes! Caroline continues to be very allergic to peanut and eggs which means she is always packing some oreos and an epi-pen , like any good anaphylaxic should!The girl loves "homework" oh dear Lord please let this continue! She also brought home a great report card. Caroline started gymnastics in the Fall and will be in her first recital in June. Still spunky, still sweet, that's Caroline!

Ellie, 2 and our little boo boo! (Our favorite nickname for her!) She loves keeping up with her big brother and sister. Ellie adores going to daycare three days a week while mommy is at school and internship. She is learning all about numbers, letters, the weather and about GOING POTTY. Mommy loves that part!! In January Ellie moved to a classroom with older kids and has done great with the change. Last week she started speech therapy and wouldn't you know it she has begun talking more and more. Her favorite things to say are, " I want mo!" I want Daddy or mommy" or whatever she wants at that given moment! She is social and sweet and well, we think pretty darn cute too!

So there you have it, or I guess, there I have it. What my kids are up to and like on 2/6/12!

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