Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 wrap up

I can hardly believe that today is New Years Eve. It seems like we were just here, only it was 2010:)! I thought I would do a wrap up because lately when I read back on past year's posts I think, "Thank goodness I wrote that down because I would never remember!"
It's been a big year for us in many ways. One of which was me going back to get my MSW at Western. It has been a wonderful decision. I love the work-family balance. I love having something for myself and being able to add something through my work at the Borgess Neuro Rehab, to others lives. I have been stretched and tested and come out better educated, firmer in my faith and clearer on where I stand politically. I have seen even more how great of a dad and supportive of a husband that Jeff is. I have met new friends and realized new dreams for myself and my family.
The kids have had many changes this year too. They went from being at home with mommy all the time to going to school everyday, for Matthew and Caroline, and going to daycare three days a week. That has also been good as it gives them opportunities to socialize with more children and have fun playing and learning. Ellie has thrived in these past months and we're blessed to have wonderful ladies providing stellar care for her. They truly love her and care for her as if they were related to her.
Some things have been challenging for us in 2011. I have realized, through being busier, that some activities and friendships, weren't meant to be. This has been bittersweet. Its always sad to have parts of your life and people who you thought you'd always be close with and that were so ingrained in who you were, not play as much of a role. We have also fallen away from regular church going which I am not proud to admit. There are a variety of factors that have lead to this. One is that I am just not feeling as tied to our church. There isn't any one thing that I can specifically name for why I feel like this. I am sure not going isn't helping at all. That is one goal I have for 2012, to change this as I feel its paramount to a strong faith. As always, with my daily quiet times and Bible reading, I have had good months and bad months and sadly, more bad months. I hope to have more good months and consistency with quiet times in 2012!
In the workout/eating right department, overall, I have been successful. I lost some weight and rarely miss a week where I haven't worked out at least once or twice. A goal of mine for 2012 is to increase working out to at least three days a week and to finally run that gosh darn 5K!
Our home got its lovely makeover, thanks to my awesome friend Nicole, in July and I am proud to say we've maintained the organization she set up. It has been the greatest blessing!
Overall, 2011 was a great year full of God's blessings. We're thankful and hope to make the changes necessary to have 2012 be even better for us and to glorify God. I can't think of a better New Year's resolution!
Happy New Year!

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