Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I'm loving it....

Lately I have that snappy little McDonald's jingle in my head. What am I loving you may be asking yourselves? LIFE! I haven't been this happy and satisfied with my life in a long time. The balance between school and kids and just life in general is going great. I love having the entire weekend through Tuesday, to be with the kids and Jeff, catch up on homework, clean, grocery shop and do the stay at home mom thing and then Wednesday through Friday is school and internship. The balance has made me so much more patient and content in nearly every area. The Facebook break has allowed me to focus more time on quiet times with God, reading books with the kids and just catching up on stuff that needs to get done. Being at a secular school has allowed me to exercise my ability to be bold and intentional in my faith. In fact, I am making quite a name for myself as a conservative Christian on campus:). Funny because in most other circles I tend to be the liberal one.
This morning I took Ellie to the library to play and for the toddler story time. We had such a great time. It made me realize how much I was missing out while I was forcing myself to be at home full time. I haven't really enjoyed kid related activities for some time. I am glad that I didn't waste all of the precious time I have with my kids and that we're making our way, day by day, to a happier place.
Fall is finally here and I am glad. I hate to see Summer go but it is always nice to welcome a new season. Especially Fall! I love crock pot dinners, soups and stews, apples, pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving. This year we're heading to my parents in Chicago. My sister's family will be there too. Lots of fun stuff going on in our world! Hope your enjoying your family and the Fall!!

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Sarah said...

So glad things are going well! Finding that "balance" makes such a difference for me as well...I know exactly what you mean!