Sunday, August 14, 2011

The final stretch...

Summer is coming to a close in these parts. The kids,well at least Mattthew and Caroline and Mommy:), start school in a little under three weeks. Before we begin the new routine/insanity that will be our Fall, we're heading to Pittsburgh. Why Pittsburgh you may be asking yourself?
Well, the thing is both of my parents were born and raised in Pittsburgh. They were high school sweethearts! My mom's sister and my dad's brother still live there. I have four cousins that still live there and my cousin who lives in New Jersey will be coming in next weekend for my cousin's son's birthday..are you still following me? Anywhoo..I have been wanting to go there for a long time. Six years to be exact because the last time I was there was when my paternal grandmother died. It's been far too long and I my family to know THEIR family.
We're (Matthew,Caroline and I) are heading out early Friday morning. I am sure the ride will be nostalgic for me as I made the trek there when I was a girl every summer. I have wonderful memories of visiting grandparents and cousin and of FLUFFED ham and WISE potato chips!! Seriously, that stuff is like crack to me. I hope to hook up with all of the cousins from both sides of my family while I am there. I am praying that Matthew and Caroline don't drive me insane in the car. They aren't the best travelers. I am expecting lots of fun and memory making on this final trip we're about to embark on. I know Ellie and Daddy will have lots of fun hanging back here in Michigan. Maybe next time they can join us.
Hope your last minute summer plans go just as you plan!!

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