Sunday, May 01, 2011

Crap! I got in!

That is how I really felt when I got into Western Michigan's MSW program! Don't get me wrong,I did apply, so obviously I was happy to get in. This has been a long time in the making. I actually started the journey to MSW land back when I was a single lady, nannying in Chicago back in 2000. But,I decided that I really wanted nothing more than to be a dutiful wife and mother to the children that didn't even exist back then! I wish I could shake that girl by the shoulders and say, "Stupid it will be so much easier and you will want the options that this degree affords you!":) Fast foward eleven years and I have to do it with the three kids and a hubby to boot! Oh well, hindsight is twenty twenty as they say!
I am not going to lie. Starting in September, the next 20 months will be grueling. Getting my MSW will be a full time job. I am prayerful that I find good daycare situations for the kids. Matthew and Caroline will be in school half days next year but Ellie will obviously need full time daycare. I will only be able to do this if I am secure with a solid, loving caregiver. Matthew and Caroline will most likely be at one place and Ellie at another. I have always been able to depend on Jeff. I will need his help and support like never before. I will need to be ultra organized, consistent and driven to obtain this goal. Do I think I can do it? You bet every loaned dollar that I will borrow to pay for it:)
With all these changes coming up, I am going to be quiting my job at the retirement home. I want to spend the summer with my kids and we already have a lot planned that would make my weekend work there not possible. I will miss my oldies terribly. I will forever be indebted to them for their love and support and kindness. I plan on doing an internship at a retirement home b/c working at one has opened my eyes up to many of the unmet need that this population has.
The future is full of many possiblilites and challenges for me in the next 20 months.I hope to embrace them and learn from them and become a better person, mother, wife and Christian through it all.

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