Monday, April 11, 2011


I feel like I haven't really updated about the kids lately. So, its that time again. Posts dedicated to my precious three. I am starting with Ellie. Our 19.5 month old who has gone from delightfully laid back to a bit of a spit fire this Winter. The girl definitely knows what she wants. I wonder where she gets that from?(her sister), certainly not her mommy!:) She loves to follow Matthew and Caroline around and do whatever they do which usually includes some type of shananigans! Like, but not limited to couch climbing, furniture jumping, table standing,screeching, food throwing..etc! She loves music and dancind and books. Ellie's new favorite activity is playing outside. This past weekend we enjoyed some pretty fantastic weather around here and Ellie loved being able to roam around the yard and go to the park and especially to swing. That girl would swing forever! One way in which she is different from Matthew and Caroline is that she is easily occupied for more than one second with an activity. Like with the swinging or if she is playing with a toy. She stays with something,which is a nice change from the hurricane like behavior of the older Simpson kids!
Physically Ellie is changing too. She is in the 75% for height and 65% for weight. Her hair actually lightened this Winter and is now a sandy blond( I prefer that label to dishwater blond!) Ellie can get pretty much anything when she flashes her soulful baby blues your way!
This Summer I fear will be filled with Ellie doing alot of running while mommy frantically tries to keep up with her all while keeping my sanity in check. We're joining a local pool and I am hoping that she loves the water as much as Matthew and Caroline do.
Ellie has been testing us a bit in the sleeping department as of late. Last night, for example, she cried for nearly 2 hours before finally giving up and going to sleep. Still, she naps for nearly 2 hours each day, giving mommy a chance to catch her breath. The other day I caught her trying to CLIMB out of her crib! Thankfully, she hasn't completly gotten it as I am not ready to make that transition anytime soon.
She does show some interest in potty training and I may try and train her this Summer if only to finally have a DIAPER FREE house for the first time in six years!
Overall I would say Ellie is transitioning from a baby to a toddler. While some things about this are challenging, other things are fun to see. How she is developing her own personality and ways of doing things. How much she loves her brother and sister. Her love of music and books growing everyday. While she is determined she continues to be mostly laid back and easy to please. We love her dearly and can't imagine a life without our Boolah! Oh yeah, her newest nickname by the way..courtesy of big Sister Caroline.
Speaking of Caroline..more about that little flippity witch tomorrow!:)

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