Monday, January 03, 2011

Is Marriage hard work?

So I think I have mentioned that I read the blog by Mckmama. There is all sorts of drama surrounding her blog as of late. About various issues. But,the topic today got my attention. In it Jennifer, the author of the blog states that she thinks marriage is really hard work. Now is that so awful? I think not. But,man, did she open the floodgates of criticism. She had over 160 comments about how people didn't think it was work. Granted,I think people are more or less irritated by her than her views on marriage. But it got me wondering what my answer to this question is? I would say in no uncertain terms...ABSOLUTLY! I actually can't believe anyone who has been married for more than thirty days would say otherwise. Does that mean that its not fun, rewarding, awesome? Again, I think not. I have been married for nearly eight years. Its been a great ride thus far. But, with three little ones underfoot and often driving us crazy, it can be hard work not to lose your cool with the one person who knows you best. Gone, for what seems like forever, are the days of just being with each other. There are so many things to do, worries, stress that can bog us down. And Jeff and I don't even have any major stessors like illness or unemployment. WE have been incredibly blessed these past seven and a half years and yet..its hard work.
So, is marriage hard work to you? Damn you people...COMMENT:) Or as Caroline says, I will be weally super mad!" Not really but I would like to know others thoughts on this...


HP and Diane said...

Marriage is most definitely hard work! We've been married for 35 years - and without Christ in the center of our relationship, I don't know if we would have made it this far! Matter of fact I know we wouldn't have! And yes, people, my husband and I love each other dearly!!

Oh.. and Sue, some day you WILL get those "together" moments back! I remember saying the same thing (seems like yesterday)! And now, all the kids are gone, married and giving us grand children! So a whole new set of worries and concerns; but oh what fun it is!!

Holly said...

HELL YEAH marriage is hard work!!

Carmela said...

I asked your Uncle Sam your question. His answer was, "Yes". So, apparently, I have taken him for granted for 45 years. Oh well, my ignorance has been bliss:-)

I so love reading about you, Jeff and your kids. I honestly do not know how you do all that you do. You certainly are a Super Mom!

And HP and Diane are right, you will get those "together" moments back again. In the meantime, continue loving and enjoying the "today" moments.