Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Children go where I send thee..

Well how shall I send thee? Remember that song? For some reason those two lines have been stuck in my mind in relation to what the future holds for us Simpsons. There are alot of things up in the air right now. We're thinking about making some changes but are fortunate enough that we don't have to make any big decisions right away. Jeff is wondering about his job security and when considering his possibilites it seems that Michigan may not be our forever home. As anyone who lives here knows, its a tough time to be living or trying to make a living I should say!
So we're seeking God, praying, not being hasty. Cleaning out things, painting things, preparing our home for sale if need be. Praying some more, sharpening resumes, getting advice and wondering where would we like to be next? Then asking God,"Where do you want us God?", freaking out( me, not Jeff) and then praying the anxiousness away.
We love living in Kalamazoo and it would be lovely to stay. But, we realize that as children and servants of God, this may not be where God wants us. We also know that if we seek and follow his will all be ok and he will work out every little detail.
So, if your so inclined, join us in praying for God to reveal His plans for the Simpsons in the coming months.
In other news, our church FINALLY has a new pastor! Super, duper excited about this. Its been awhile and I am excited to see what the Pastor Swank and his family will bring to LCC.
Getting ready to head up to Silver Lake in a few days. I may blog from there, as I will have access to a laptop!

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Great update!