Monday, March 22, 2010

35 and still a big ,fat baby!!

I love coming up with posting titles!! So, this Thursday, March 25th, I will officially be 35! Yikes..too close to 40 for me thank you very much. When I was younger and probably until I was 25 my birthdays were always filled with fun, presents, cake and presents, oops, did I mention the presents already. I have been thinking alot about my love language. Is it possible to speak them all? I like gifts of service, I like gifts, I really like words of affirmation and I don't mind a snuggle from my favorite guy, who just happens to be Jeff. So, really know one can win on my special day. Here is what the perfect day would look like for me

Wake up on the 25th of March to a giant bouquet of flowers with a BIG card full of LOTS of WORDS of why I am SO LOVED!! Then, the card would go on to say that I was getting a day at the spa, a balls out day at the spa, complete with massage, facial, pedicure. Then I would meet a bunch of friends at my favorite resturant. Ok, I realize I live in Kalamazoo, so I will take the Olive Garden. Then, a night a hotel, ALL BY MYSELF, Jeff stops by for a booty call(hee hee) and then I get to sleep in and do whatever I WANT FOR THE whole NEXT Day!! Am I asking for too much?? Ok, maybe!
Am I grateful for my home, kids, husband, health and loads of other things..OF COURSE! But, its a birthday wish so bug off!!
I know in reality, March 25th will most likely look like this,
1. Wake up at 6 am by Caroline saying, " Hi Mama, I get out of bed" and then be showered by a million "Happy Birthday Mommy" Wishes from Matthew and Caroline..
2. Make my own cake
3. ASk Jeff if he is really NOT getting me anything because the purse I bought in early Feb counts as a gift..:(
4. Make my own cake, which I allow Matthew to pick and its white, which I don't really like. Stay as calm as I can, as egg shells go flying into the batter.
5. Realize that my life is truly charmed and that I am a big,fat baby!!:)))
In reality, it will be mostly the second list...I am going to Lansing to hang out with some great friends who I haven't seen in ages for a Lia Sophia party and some girl time. Jeff is going to a Sweet Sixteen party on Sat and so I will have a whole night to myself to watch whatever I want and have the house be super clean..what more could a birthday girl ask for???

Saturday, March 13, 2010

No more babies..

On Monday,Jeff's long awaited snip snip will occur:) Its been delayed THREE times since we first tried to schedule it in November!! A variety of reasons caused the delays. One of the biggest being our annoying, CATHOLIC faith based health insurance. Since Jeff works for a Catholic hospital, they do not cover ANY form of birth control. Don't even get me started!! This coupled with the fact that last May he had a procedure "down there":) and so the normal in office vasectomy is no longer an option for him. Instead of it costing around $800, its now costing us nearly $3000!! Again, can I say, so annoying!! Anyways, I find myself with mixed emotions about this. I mean, I know we are done having kids. But, with as much as I am so totally in love with my last baby and all she entails, I am sad that she is it. But, Jeff likes to remind me that she will soon no longer be a baby, she will grow up to be a THREE YEAR OLD, which as you all know from following this blog, seeing my FB status's or seeing me completly unglued in person..I don't deal with nearly as well as with a sweet, easy going six month old. I am so grateful for the blessing that God gaves us in Elizabeth Jane. She is the sunshine on the darkest days of my life. I can't imagine my life without her, or any of my kids!! I am so grateful that I was blessed with the ability to get pregnant easily and with relatively easy pregnancies. Our cup has runneth over in this area of our lives.
It will also be nice not to freal out every month that I am pregnant and be able to just do it!! TMI but, whatever, this is me. I am so sick of having my sex life being dictated by what day of the month it is. However, I can understand Jeff's freakish obsession with not takling chances since two of our three children were conceived at times that techinically it wasn't possible to conceieve. Like I always tell Jeff, "With GOd, all things are possible!!"
That has been the biggest blessing of Ellie's arrival. That Jeff has really learned that God does know best and how blessed you become when you let God's plan become your plan. I know some may argue that a vasectomy isn't God's plan but we're confident that this what God desires for us and our marriage.
We're hoping things go well on Monday, with no complications from the previous surgery. Also for a quick recovery!!
On a totally unrelated note, in regards to my previous post about Mckmama and being increasingly leary about her motives...I TAKE IT BACK!! After her recent missions trip to Kenya and with reading the slanderous lies on other blogas about her, I no longer doubt her motives. I have come to realize that its between her and God and I think she does have good and decent as well as moral intentions with her blog and work related to that! Random, but really on my mind this past week. I may do a post on it if I have time next week!
Hoping that Spring is arriving wherever you may find yourself!!