Friday, July 10, 2009

Summertime...and the livins easy...

Today is the last day of our vacation here at Silver Lake. Its been a pretty good week. A little cooler than one would expect for the second week of July, but we've had fun swimming, going on Uncle Brian's boat, visiting a petting farm and just being with family. We've had our entire family in one room, Jeff and I (and Emma)in a king sized bed, Caroline in the pack/play that she has officially grown out of and Matthew in a twin bed. This combo makes for early mornings and Jeff and I commented that vacations certainly aren't what they used to be. I was remembering our honeymoon yesterday at the pool. Floating on the lazy river, holding hands, parousing up to the bar, that was in the pool for a pina colada. We've exchanged that for sippy cups and swim floats and noodles. Instead of sleeping till 11, we're up at the crack of dawn to little voices pleading for "Juice,cereal,waffles!"
Last year seemed to be very stressful with me dragging Matthew into the car and leaving early b/c I couldn't take one more minute of misbeahvior anymore. This year hasn't been without misbehavior and not without mommy freaking out but I like to think there has been more enjoyable and peaceful moments. Moments that the kids will start to keep locked inside their precious little minds and memories of week's spent at the cottage. The thought of having another bundle here next summer is a bit overwhelming, but hey, I have a year to adjust right!!
Next week we're back to our boring lives back in Portage and our normal routines. Matthew has swimming lessons and the weather is suppose to be nice, so we will no doubt spend lots of time hanging out with our neighborhood friends.
With only nine weeks to go,I am defintely starting to "feel" the ramifications of being pregnant. I tire pretty easily and just feel pregnant. Although I still, 30 weeks later can't believe I am. I wonder if when I get to see little E for the first time if it will all suddenly click!?

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