Monday, June 15, 2009

A one child world!

I have decided that if I still only had one child I would be the calmest, most patient, fun mommy that ever existed! Matthew is at my parents until Wednesday. Caroline and I have some girly time and I am loving it! She is way more mellow without that little hooligan around:) This morning her speech therapist came over and Caroline was in rare form for her. I think she will be heading to OT in the near future. She defintely has some oral and auditory issues. Then we headed to Sam's club and as soon as she saw the building she screamed, "GOCK DOG!" that is Carolinespeak for hotdog. The kid is obsessed! She put down one of their jumbo ones in no time and excitedly proclaimed, "More Gock Dog!!" Then we stopped off at Schuring's to buy some more flowers for the yard. When we got home I tried to put her down for a nap but while I was planting I heard this little voice say from the upstairs window, " Hi Mama!" Her little finger and head pressed up against the crack in the screen. We need to get a celing fan in her room. She is way to naughty to have a fan in there. She would probably electracute herself playing with the plug and I can't safetly open the window very far because I caould see her thinking, " I think I will go sit on the roof!"
Tommorrow I am taking her to a KRESA outdoor playgroup and just hanging out before brother returns on Weds! We had fun in Chicago at our friend's house. The weather wasn't the greatest but the kids had fun playing(and so did the grownups!)

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