Friday, March 13, 2009

No more naps...sigh!

Caroline is becoming more and more of a official big girl. Her language is really picking up and she isn't really napping consistently anymore. This stinks but its all ok when she lays her weary little girly head down on her toddler bed at 6:30 every evening to sleep. When she naps she is up WAY TOO LATE. We are talking 11-11:30p.m. and you can still hear her running around, taking off her diaper, etc:) The other night we found her completly naked wrapped in her blankies like she was thinking,"I prefer to sleep au natural!" It was cute! I should have snapped a pic!
She is obsessed with Dora and would literally watch her all day if I let her.
She is a bug and a pistol but so darn cute that I just want to eat her all up!


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