Tuesday, January 27, 2009


That is how I feel. I felt fine until today and then I woke up and felt "Yuck!" Thankfully it comes and goes and isn't all day like my pregnancy with Matthew. Now, I may be counting my chickens a little too early, tommorrow it could be pukesville all day. Lets hope not! Since I have had gastric bypass surgery, eating isn't an option...its a necessity for this little bean to grow big and strong.
I went in to the OB yesterday with some light, almost miniscule spotting, they did an ultrasound and said not to expect to see a heartbeat just yet. I didn't get to see a heartbeat but there was a sac and a little yolk sac. I have a regular u/s scheduled for next Weds and there should be one by then. The doctor said everything looks great. I would have felt a wee more convinced had we seen that little flicker, but I figure if the medical professional isn't worrying, why should I? Your all probably thinking, "LIAR!!" " Your totally worrying" In all honestly, not, feeling pukey is oddly reassuring!:)
The kids have been really great lately, much more mellow and fun. We went to a waterpark in Frankenmuth last Friday and had a BLAST! It was just me and the kids with my girlfriend and her family. It was probably one of the most satisfactory days I have had as a mom. It was totally one of the situations that could have been a disaster but happily it was smooth sailing. This week is fairly busy with MOPS, a field trip for Matthew to a gymnastics center and a girls night this Saturday.
Please keep little beanie in your prayers that soon he/she will have a heartbeat to show this expectant and ok, somewhat anxious mommy!:)


Hummel Family said...

So sorry that you feel icky-poo! Never fun. I can still "feel", well maybe not feel, but I can remember that icky feeling. My pregnancy with the triplets wasn't a fun one at the beginning. I was so sick. ICK! So, I pray that this "icky" phase will pass soon.

I am so glad your kiddos are behaving for their Mama. Let's hope they stay this way. :)

I can't wait for the post when you say, "I saw the heart beat". Maybe you will be able to hear it too. :)

Hummel Family said...

Oh, and did you know that Caislyn was born on Sept 10th. Yeppers!