Tuesday, January 27, 2009


That is how I feel. I felt fine until today and then I woke up and felt "Yuck!" Thankfully it comes and goes and isn't all day like my pregnancy with Matthew. Now, I may be counting my chickens a little too early, tommorrow it could be pukesville all day. Lets hope not! Since I have had gastric bypass surgery, eating isn't an option...its a necessity for this little bean to grow big and strong.
I went in to the OB yesterday with some light, almost miniscule spotting, they did an ultrasound and said not to expect to see a heartbeat just yet. I didn't get to see a heartbeat but there was a sac and a little yolk sac. I have a regular u/s scheduled for next Weds and there should be one by then. The doctor said everything looks great. I would have felt a wee more convinced had we seen that little flicker, but I figure if the medical professional isn't worrying, why should I? Your all probably thinking, "LIAR!!" " Your totally worrying" In all honestly, not, feeling pukey is oddly reassuring!:)
The kids have been really great lately, much more mellow and fun. We went to a waterpark in Frankenmuth last Friday and had a BLAST! It was just me and the kids with my girlfriend and her family. It was probably one of the most satisfactory days I have had as a mom. It was totally one of the situations that could have been a disaster but happily it was smooth sailing. This week is fairly busy with MOPS, a field trip for Matthew to a gymnastics center and a girls night this Saturday.
Please keep little beanie in your prayers that soon he/she will have a heartbeat to show this expectant and ok, somewhat anxious mommy!:)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Praise God!

I just to Jaime and she got the results from the amino and the baby doesn't have one of the Trisonomies that cause babies to die within hours of their births. What a praise! Now, they begin the journey to Ann Arbor and meeting with the specialists to find out what happens to this little man,yet to be named once he arrives. I am so thankful that this news was delivered. I am praying for a miracle, that God would heal this little baby and he would be able to tell everyone what His God did for him! I am praying that Jaime and Steve and their little ones Makenna and Avery would feel peace and strength from their God over these next months.
Matthew overheard me talking to a friend who called to see if Jaime had heard anything yet and he came up and said,
"Mama..Jaime's baby has a sick heart."
"We need to pray that God will heal him"
" God can heal him and make his heart whole."
Amen little man!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Freak in overdrive

That would pretty much describe me! God must just laugh at me as he watches from above. A week ago I was saying to Jeff.." I am so glad I am not pregnant. I couldn't take all that stress of worrying about it all again!" " I am so glad we're done...phew" Fast forward a week and here I am in the throws of full throttle anxiety. Please pray that I would just chill and realize that this is indeed one of those situations where I have NO control. Worrying for the next nine months is senseless..my mind knows this but my heart already loves this baby very much and wishes it were September 10th and that part was over. Of course then I would be blogging about how I am obessesing over worrying that something will happen to him or her b/c they are out...

and the madness continues!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


OK, so its suppose to be not me Mondays..but this was to good to wait...

I most definetly did not take a pregnancy test and it came back positive!
I can't be having a baby in September...
or can I ??

Yes, its true, anyone who knows me knows I can't keep a secret.
In all seriousness..we're happy but completly shocked and feeling ill equipped to handle another bundle. But, we know God never gives us more thatn we can handle..right!!:) Please pray that this little bundle is being perfectly knit together and that in September we would happily welcome another Simpson into the world!

Bet I shocked the stink out of most of you..huh!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Loving Caroline

I have blogged numerous times before on the challenges of Caroline's personality. She is strong willed and determined to say the least. But, I have come in these past few weeks to embrace her little personality in a new way. To try and look at the challenging moments more like teaching moments instead of either a)giving her what she wants or b) freaking out on her! Both Jeff and I have come to realize that if you can make it through fifteen minutes of unadulterated screaming,she usually gives up. Now this is USUALLY, she has been known to go on for up to 45 minutes.
Yesterday she had a ped opthomology apt in GR. She was being fairly strong willed with the doctor and he just laughed and sympathized b/c evidently his 8 year old daughter was just like Caroline as a toddler. He then proceeded to tell me of a study that found that strong willed children are less likely to be influenced by peer pressure. I pray that is the case with little Squeak, as she is affectionately known. That has been my prayer for her for sometime, as her stubborness has become more evident to us. That she will use it for good, to stand for what is right and be a shining example to her peers instead of leading the pack into bad choices. I always pray that she would be surrounded by great friends who hold her accountable when we're not there to do that as much anymore. To be honest, thinking about my kids growing up to that age where they are on thier "own" so to speak freaks me out. Sure, this season has it challenges but at the end of the day, I know where they have been, what they've watched, who they have hung out with and that they are safely sleeping in my home.
I am not sure where this post came from. I guess, its because although raising Caroline isn't so easy, with all her requests for "guggies" and to watch "Chanted" aka "Enchanted" and her contagious belly laugh, loving Caroline is one of the easiest things I have ever been lucky enough to do!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Prayers please

I have another post brewing,as my computer is now fixed..but I have an urgent prayer request for you all. My neighbor and good friend Jaime is 20 weeks pregnant with a little boy who they found out this week only has 1/2 of his heart. They think he doesn't have any other chromosome issues but won't know anymore until the have an amnio in a few weeks. Jaime and her husband Steve are strong Christians,but obviously they are devastated and overwhelmed. Pray that they would have peace and doctors and other medical professionals who can guide them through this scary road!
Tough stuff!

Thursday, January 08, 2009


I am back in the land of computers! Nick, our friend had many stuggles with this blast computer but was able to bring it back to us and for that we are very grateful!
As I type this, Jaime's little girls Makenna and Avery are over playing with Matthew. Caroline has retired for the evening:) My heart is so heavy for them. I just want to be able to fix it. I was over at thier house today and she was sharing some of her thoughts with me and I just hate to see anyone hurt like that but especially a good friend. I am praying that God would reveal himself to them in mighty ways and that they would feel peace in the midst of this awful storm.
Ironically, last weekend I was at Camp Barakel with our Youth group. It was hands down one of the most profound spiritual experiences I have had as a Christian. I was so moved by the speaker and felt the Holy Spirit moving in that sanctuary like I haven't in many, many years! I felt like God was speaking directly to me and basically the jist was.."Get off your catukus and start growing..FOLLOW me daily..I have things you need to do and your wasting your time and life.." Fast forward three days and I find out several things, one of which was the situation with Jaime and the baby, where my friends and family NEED me to be strong in all ways..but especially in my FAITH. I feel overhauled in so many ways and this week was a good one in regards to getting back on track. I have been very dedicated to prayer..sadly devasting news tends to do that to a person..I joined BSF again and am deep into the "life of Moses", I am making better choices about what I watch and listen to. I am appreciating my beautiful healthy little boy and girl even when they are being horribly naughty and stubborn..they are here,they are alive, their hearts are fully formed and beating and I cherish them even in the not so fun times.
This is week one, we will see where I am at week 56,16,226... I'd like to think I will remain steadfast, although knowing that I am likely to stumble. I am so blessed to serve a Lord who always lets me come back...