Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He's not "that kid"

I helped out in Matthew's class and I am glad to say he is not or at least wasn't "the naughty kid" today! He was so good!! He pretty much did his own thing and sometimes interacted with me and some of the other kids. I was relieved to see that there were alot of other kids who were way more rambunctious than Matty man. I wasn't totally shocked b/c he has been doing so well there. Of course he still has his spazy moments for mommy and daddy..what kid doesn't!? I keep forgetting to post/admit that we have given Matthew back his pacies at night. He is still pacie free all day but he was really struggling at night. Jeff and I likened him to a crack addict in withdrawel..it wasn't pretty. After much discussion with ourselves and his OT we decided we would allow him to have them only at night for awhile longer. He has been great with "giving them up" in the morning. Baby steps I guess. I was totally hiding/lying to my mom about it..I couldn't face her thinking I suck as a mom but I underestimated her..she was totally cool and supportive.
This week we're kind of busy. Tommorrow is Caroline's two year check up and this weekend Jeff is going up north to get away and visit his cousin..yuck! Some friends who moved to Traverse City this fall will be in town for one last visit before they welcome their third child on December 11th so I may meet her for dinner. Jeff argued that everytime he goes out of town, I rack up babysitting charges..true but irrelevant:) I can't believe Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! Unbelievable! Hope your having a wonderful week!

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