Sunday, November 30, 2008

Festivus has begun

At the Simpson household. Like last year, my niece Jessica and this year we recruited Jeanna,a LCC youth group gal along for the decorating fun. I would highly recommend this strategy to those mommies out there who aren't too anal retentive about decorating and just want to get it up! Matthew helped me decorate the tree today and was SO INTO IT! IT was really sweet. I also bought the kids an advent type calender called, "What God wants for Christmas" which explains the Christmas story and salvation. Its really neat and is made by the same company who developed "Resurrection Eggs".
Thanksgiving was a nice day. We spent a relaxing morning here and then went to Jeff's sister's house. It was a bit crazy with the kids, but that was to be expected. Friday morning, like a crazy person, I got up with Jenny,Jeff's sister and my niece's Jessica and Allison to hit Target at 5:30 am! It was early but really worth it,I got alot of great deals! Of course, Matthew peed out of his diaper at 3:30am so I was up from then! I never ended up naping that day but survived! Friday night we got together with some friends at their annual, "After Turkey Day" party. It was alot of fun. Yesterday Jeff went with his sister's to see "FOUR CHRISTMASES" I went to "TWILIGHT" on Wednesday night. It was really good. A little teenagerish(is that a word) but entertaining none the less.
Not much is going on this week, just the usual SAHM mom stuff! Hope your Holidays are going splendidly so far!

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