Saturday, November 01, 2008


I don't usually mind being categorized..white,female,mom,wife,happy,healthy,easily irritated, get the point.. But, lately I have really been struggling with a decision I made a few years ago to become a Wesleyan. At the time I felt like it was something Jeff and I should do because we were new to the area and just assumed that we would always and forever be going to the Wesleyan church. While we have no plans on leaving our current church,which is Wesleyan, I feel like I don't necessarily want to be categorized as Wesleyan per se. Why does it matter you may be thinking? Well, to me it matters for several reasons. Several of the views of the Wesleyan church I don't agree with. But,at the end of the day, I like our church and especially the friends we've made there, so does it really matter?..probably not! I just sometimes feel like a "fake" Wesleyan! I think I will always feel that a word? I was raised Episcopalian and still feel very strong ties to that church. But, some of their doctorines I don't agree with it. I guess I would say I am a church goer who prefers not to be categorized..
That being said, I am voting for Obama on I will probably be kicked out once word gets out amongst the Wesleyans...just kidding:)

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Hummel Family said...

Ya know, I sometimes feel this way with our Mennonite Church. I grew up a hard core Wesleyan, and there so many things I miss about it! But, like you, I do not like the LABEL. I'm so glad I have the peace to know that God knows our hearts! We are all HIS children, no matter what denomination we are!

I like your posts....always so open! I want to be more like that!!!!! SERIOUSLY! I am always afraid of what others will think, so I always watch what I say. Thanks for the "REAL" you.

I really think we'd have fun chatting in person! :) You seem like a lot of fun. I love your personality. Too bad you live up there and live down here. :)

Have a great week.