Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Preschool begins

Matthew had his first day at preschool today. It went good...until the end. They let them go on the playground for all of two minutes which doesn't go well with my " I hate transitions"kid! He proceeded to run to the slide and say,"No! No! I am staying! and then quietly shouted "Stupid"! Nice..nice! I was like hmmm how should I handle this? I could go the calm, rational mommy route or the bribe the hell out him route. I chose the latter! I basically offered the kid everything but a new bike to get him quietly out of there. Bad parenting? Perhaps? But hey when the crap hits the fan this mommy offers gum..it works nearly everytime!
Speaking of bad parenting. I am still on my quest to try and not model it so much. I am taking a boundaries class that is being offered in Sunday school and have just started my new Beth Moore BS about the Fruits of the Spirit. One thing I am ashamed to admit is that I CAN'T FIND MY BIBLE! Go figure that I am constantly feeling out of control. This is the story of my spiritual life. When I am good..I am really good. When I am bad........it gets so bad that I have to claw and grab my way back to some type of sanity. You would think after 18 years of being a Christian that I would learn that consistent prayer and BS WORKS! I am so irritated by myself! Oh well..good thing for Grace hey?

I will post crazy man preschool pics later...he did look very cute and besides the "playground" incident he was actually very well behaved!

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