Monday, August 04, 2008

I have no life...apparently

I am in South Haven right now and the funniest thing happened. Since my brother in law has his laptop here, we're able to check email, facebook and of course...BLOGS! My mother in law was watching us and said.." How do people have time for these things..don't they have kids, families,jobs, lives?" No,she doesn't know I have a blog. But, I piped up and said, "Easy now..I have a blog" and I would like to think I have a life too! :) It was pretty funny!
In other news, our vacation is going well. The weather has cooperated for the most part, although I think there is currently a tornado warning. Matthew and Caroline are having a blast playing on the sand, in the lake and with their cousins and aunts and mommy and daddy! Jeff is leaving tommorrow night to go home and vote and then work on Wednesday and Thursday and then he will be back. Pray that I will not lose my cool too much without him around! My niece, Jessica promised she would help me and I am holding her hostage and MAKING her! The girls, Jessica and Allison have been helping me run on beach. Although Jessica ditched me tonight to watch the most annoying awards show ever! The Teen Choice Awards. Absolutely AWFUL!! Big generation gap as I gagged through that! Probably similiar to Barb finding out about BLOGS!

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