Saturday, August 09, 2008

HOME and we're staying put!

We are home from our vacation! It was nice to get away and the kids had alot of fun. Matthew and Caroline were very taxing at times but some good solid memories were made and isn't that what its all about? I had to try and remember that b/c once again I felt myself being very overwhelmed by the personality of my children. I am really struggling with being constantly frustrated and irritated by them. I hate to admit this but its truly how I feel. When they act the way they did for much of the week I feel very much that I am failing them as a mother.
I thought that maybe I was going to be taking a job as a domestic violence educator part time for the YWCA here in Kalamazoo. But, I am feeling very strongly that isn't where God wants me. I have blogged about this before which is good b/c it just serves as a reminder of that fact. I was telling my friend Jaime last night that I really feel like God is screaming at me to lean on Him and get my encouragment and parenting help from him. And I wonder where my kids get this stubborness from?!:)
I could really use your prayers because I hate feeling so hopeless when it comes to raising these little gifts. I think part of me is still shocked that parenting is so hard..I really thought it would be pretty easy. Probably because when I nannied I got to go home at the end of the day and now sometimes being in it for the long haul just gets..long!
Anyways, we're home and hoping to get back on regular schedules and resume normal activities. Caroline has her hearing test on Thursday and I hope all is well with that. She has been saying more and more words so I am confident that won't be an issue. Matthew may not be continuing OT. Originially we were told that we would only have to pay $25 a week and now it looks like we have to pay $70 which is just too much. We are of course continuing with all they have taught us and are hopefully that he dosen't have too many issues in preschool. Usually he is pretty well behaved for everyone but us, I guess that counts for something, right?!
Tommorrow we have the dreaded nursery duty. We haven't been to church in a long time it seems. I am feeling a little blah about church lately. We're getting a new children's pastor soon and our assistant Pastor up and quit so we will soon get a new Asst as well. Hopefully that will be just what we need to get things going again!
Have a great Sunday!


Janine said...

Sue, you have a lot on your plate! With the weight loss and with health issues your kids have had this year, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Continue to rely on God but also consider that your feelings could be a form of depression.

Hummel Family said...

Praying for you once again! Parenting can be hard work. I've been there and continue to be there. I probably should blog about the frustrating moments. My blog probably makes our life look perfect and peachy, when in reality it isn't always that way. Thanks for being so open with us. You are a wonderful Mama!!! Like, Janine said, you've had a full plate!! Now, I am not so sure about depression, but then I do not know much about that.

Keep pressing on my friend!!!!