Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Home, home...where are you?

I just can't stand to be away from blogger for too long, for here I am posting and I am not even home yet. I am back from WI at my parents house. Tommorrow the kiddies and I are visting some families I use to nanny for and then are headed home. Where I plan on dropping them off with their father and climbing into bed for several hours of sleep! A little dramatic..who me??:) Its been a very fun but very exhausting seven days. I had fun at my shower/party for my friend. Matthew and I had a great time swimming at my parents CC pool. Caroline decided to get sick again and got yet another runny nose and spiked a substantal temp as well. Then on Sunday night, Matthew got a high fever. We loaded them up and took them to my sister's house anyways. Thankfully they both recovered rather quickly. Yesterday we just hung out at her house as it was unseasonably cold. Today it was beautiful and sunny so we went to the beach. Caroline stayed back for a nap with Grandma.
I can't imagine how single moms do it. I am tired, I miss Jeff sooooooooooo much! Matthew has been sleeping with me for the last week and for such a little does he hog the bed!
I have some great pics..I will try and post tommorrow or Friday!

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kristi said...

did you see michael and diana?