Sunday, June 01, 2008

My kind of town

Jeff and I are back from our weekend get away to Chicago. We had a wonderful time. On Friday we hung out with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. Then on Sat, we drove down to the city to go to the Cubs game. We we're able to get standing room only for almost face value and then we took turns sitting in our friends "real" seats. There is nothing like Wrigley Field! It brought back lots of memories from back in the days when we lived there. I even walked past a couple of my old apartment buildings. The weather was picture perfect too! The kids both had great times at their respective grandma's houses. Caroline charmed the pants off Papa Lenny and Matthew drove Grandma Barb to the point of exhaustion! But, both sets said it was fun so maybe in five years they might be convinced to do it again...?! This week we're just regrouping and then this weekend I have my girls weekend! I know, I am getting spoiled! There is also a chance I may be going with our churches youth group to Cedar Point in two weeks. I am trying to work out the details b/c that was one of my big goals when embarking on this weight loss stuff to be able to go to Cedar Point again. And, since I have reached a milestone of losing 105 pounds, I would really love to go. But, as anyone with small kids knows, its hard to figure all the daycare stuff out, especially when you want someone to do it for free! We will see! I am overjoyed and beyond thankful to have lost over 100 pounds. Its truly seems unreal to me. I had so much fun this weekend picking out outfits to bring, being able to walk all over the city and still have tons of energy. I am digging this!

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Jamie & Heather & Children said...

Jamie and I just had a nice weekend with no kids too!! (well we had them for a couple of hours on Saturday)

The peace and quiet was so wonderful and refreshing...

Glad you had fun on your weekend!!!