Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another milestone reached...

Today it happened...I was able for the first time in almost twelve years to go into a"regular store" and buy clothes. It was so fun! My mom generously bought me some new clothes for some upcoming events I need to go to. It was so fun to try on different things and many times have the size I thought I was now in be too big!! We went up to a mall in Grand Rapids that has more selection than our mall here. We had lunch at Panera and listened to other people's kids cry!!:)
Tommorrow I am taking Matthew to his a birthday party so my mom is staying on until we get back to stay with Caroline and then she is heading home. We did get alot done around the house too.
Potty training is going so well. I was just reading another blog about a mother's attempts at potty training her son who is just a few months younger than Matthew. She was saying how he was describing the difficulties of releasing #2! I can so relate to that b/c that is one area where Mr.Matthew does struggle. He says, "Poop come out!" at the top of his lungs..funny stuff I tell you. He seems to realize he has to go right when its nearly too late but other than that I would say he is pretty much trained! One down and one to go!

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