Sunday, June 29, 2008

the 4th of July already?

I remember when I was in high school and college, my dad would love to say on the
4th of July.."Well, summer is half over!" We would all look at him with annoyed looks and I think probably mutter"Shush!" But, here we are, the 4th upon us. We are staying here for the 4th. We will be in the Schoolcraft parade, supporting our friend and neighbor, Larry DeShazor who is running for State Representative. We will then have a bbq with the "Deshazor team" and then maybe some friends over. If Matthew can make it, Jeff will take him to the fireworks. It should be busy but a fun weekend.
This weekend was fun. Jeff's sister Jenny came into town with Derek for our niece Allison's birthday party. Jenny,Derek, Kim, Allison and G and G Murphy came over for pizza last night. Today was the big birthday party for Allison. The kids had fun playing with all the kids and of course eating cake. Caroline actually asked to go to bed when we got home. Well, not exactly verbally but she kept laying down so I said "Do you want to go night-night?" and she shook her head yes emphatically and ran to the gate upstairs..cutie! Tommorrow I have my six month check up in GR and then friends of ours from Chicago who are moving to Coldwater are coming in for the night. On Tuesday we are going to attempt taking all the kids to the zoo! We will see how that goes!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another milestone reached...

Today it happened...I was able for the first time in almost twelve years to go into a"regular store" and buy clothes. It was so fun! My mom generously bought me some new clothes for some upcoming events I need to go to. It was so fun to try on different things and many times have the size I thought I was now in be too big!! We went up to a mall in Grand Rapids that has more selection than our mall here. We had lunch at Panera and listened to other people's kids cry!!:)
Tommorrow I am taking Matthew to his a birthday party so my mom is staying on until we get back to stay with Caroline and then she is heading home. We did get alot done around the house too.
Potty training is going so well. I was just reading another blog about a mother's attempts at potty training her son who is just a few months younger than Matthew. She was saying how he was describing the difficulties of releasing #2! I can so relate to that b/c that is one area where Mr.Matthew does struggle. He says, "Poop come out!" at the top of his lungs..funny stuff I tell you. He seems to realize he has to go right when its nearly too late but other than that I would say he is pretty much trained! One down and one to go!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chillin at home

That is basically what we did this weekend. The kids had alot of fun just hanging out playing with their neighborhood friends and enjoying the summer weather. This afternoon we ended up having a little impromptu baseball game with about six kids and some adults. It was pretty funny to watch. I took some pictures but they aren't the kids move to much for my cheapy camera. I need one of those super fast,way too expensive ones! I found myself feeling very content with life today! Just appreciating where we are and what we have. I am also posting a couple pics of me since some of you have asked. 110 pounds and still going!!
My mom is coming mid week to help me organize my closets. Love it when she comes to town. Potty training is still going good too! Have a good week!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Potty training

I hope I won't jinx myself by posting this...but I think Matthew may be well on his way to being potty trained! He had been wearing only big boy pants the last three days and has done awesome. He tells me when he has to go and then looks at me with this big toothy grin and says "You so proud of me?!" biteable I tell you! Today we were on a walk to Hardings for coffee and doughnuts for the kids and he had to go so what does mommy do? Take him out and let him pee on a neighbors lawn! It was pretty funny. We have been doing this alot lately, going to Hardings that is, not peeing on lawns:)! Anyways, last week we were walking back and we were going down a hill and the jogger stroller started to tumble over. What was my reaction you ask? To save my coffee! My friend Jaime was with me and she was laughing so hard b/c I was more worried about spilling my precious joe than rescuing the kids. I told her I knew they we're fine, they were strapped in but I wasn't about to lose the coffee. Nice!
This weekend we're hanging around here. Playing cards on Saturday with the regulars. I have been gone the last four weekends so it will be nice to be home!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I survived Cedar Point in the pouring rain with a bunch of teenagers! It really did pour rain a majority of the day! Thankfully we we're able to ride several coasters in between downpours. I know I was entertaining while we rode b/c I would practically ripe off whoevers arm was next to mine and scream "No more! No more!" It was also terribly hot and humid but strangely exhilirating! I just can't say how much I appreciate weighing less!
The kids we're awesome. I was expecting to be annoyed but never was. I hung out mostly with my niece Allison and a few of her friends. They were really nice and not bratty at all. I did realize that they all think I am really old. We were listening to a mixed cd I brought along and a Pearl Jam song came on. One of the girls said she liked the song and asked who sang it. When I told her Pearl Jam she just looked at me like.."Who?" I was like..."Seriously! I am not that irrelevant!" Apparently 33 is the new 80! Or at least that is what I told out asst Pastor.
Once I got home it was back to mommy world. I really missed the kiddos. They were glad to see me. I had big plans to get alot done but our power went off. So, Jeff and packed up the kids and took them to McDonalds for dinner. We were going to go to Jeff's moms to sleep if the power didn't return after dinner but by the time we got back it did. Our neighbor had a bonfire so we hung out fireside and relaxed. Today was church and then to Jeff's moms for dinner. This morning the kids and I made breakfast for daddy and gave him a present and cards. After lunch I decided to trim our ginormous bushes on the side of our house. Unfortunately, I didn't consider the massive thunderstorm that was heading straight for us. I did mangage to get two done and cleaned up before the storm hit.
This week we're staying home for the most part b/c POTTY TRAINING had officially begun! Pray for me! Pray for me!:))))

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bay Harbor

I am back from my weekend with my girlfriends in Bay Harbor. It was fantastic! The place we stayed was amazingly nice..I liked to call it swanky!! We we're all blown away by it! The view was amazing of the golf course and the beautiful Lake Michigan beyond it. We enjoyed getting pedicures, walking around Petoskey and some good food and even better people watching! It was very relaxing! Unfortunately my batteries were dead when I arrived and I meant to get new ones and never got around to it! Its too bad too b/c the view from our condo was worth taking pictures of.
Jeff survived with the kiddlings. He did admit that he thinks Caroline is perhaps the most dramatic baby in the whole world. To which I responded, "Now do you understand my insanity some days?" He just laughed. We enjoyed a hot and humid and then rained on party yesterday for Jessica's graduation. It was nice to see some of Jeff's relatives that we never see. Matthew had fun running around like a crazy man. We left Caroline home with a sitter. This week we just have some errands, apts and playdates and then on Thurs I leave for Cedar Point. I am very excited for the trip. My friends told me this weekend they thought I was crazy and they bet me that one rollercoaster ride in I'd be puking and feeling sick the rest of the day! Lets hope not!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Clean scan

I keep forgetting to post that my mom's tests came back fine!! I was so relieved. I had been having alot of anxiety of this for the past few months. She is feeling really good! Yeah!! Thanks for the prayers.
Tommorrow I am off to Bay Harbor for my girls weekend. I am really looking forward to some girl time. I know I was just gone last weekend. I have just felt really overwhelmed lately. I am hoping to relax and enjoy my "girls" and come back refreshed! Jeff will be hanging out here with the kids and his twin sister and her family are coming to town. Matthew will be able to play with his beloved cousin Derek and on Sunday we have Jessica's graduation open house! Busy, busy!
Enjoy your weekend!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So its a go! I thought it might not work out. After using Barb alot last week I just couldn't bring myself to ask her to watch both the kids for 1.5 days. I managed to convince Jeff to let me hire a babysitter for Thursday pm and then my dear niece Jessica said she would watch the kids for free on Friday when I asked. Anyone who knows my kids knows how truly sacrificial this act was! Then, Jeff of all people,aka Mr. Miser said we should at least pay her for half a day. I decided that it was just going to cost too much. So, I called our youth pastor and left him a message. I have to admit I was secretly praying,"God, if you really need out the details!" Well..he did. Kevin called back about an hour later and said that the church could pary for Jessica on Friday so its a go! I am super excited and it will be nice to get to know some of the youth better too!


Sunday, June 01, 2008

My kind of town

Jeff and I are back from our weekend get away to Chicago. We had a wonderful time. On Friday we hung out with some friends we haven't seen in awhile. Then on Sat, we drove down to the city to go to the Cubs game. We we're able to get standing room only for almost face value and then we took turns sitting in our friends "real" seats. There is nothing like Wrigley Field! It brought back lots of memories from back in the days when we lived there. I even walked past a couple of my old apartment buildings. The weather was picture perfect too! The kids both had great times at their respective grandma's houses. Caroline charmed the pants off Papa Lenny and Matthew drove Grandma Barb to the point of exhaustion! But, both sets said it was fun so maybe in five years they might be convinced to do it again...?! This week we're just regrouping and then this weekend I have my girls weekend! I know, I am getting spoiled! There is also a chance I may be going with our churches youth group to Cedar Point in two weeks. I am trying to work out the details b/c that was one of my big goals when embarking on this weight loss stuff to be able to go to Cedar Point again. And, since I have reached a milestone of losing 105 pounds, I would really love to go. But, as anyone with small kids knows, its hard to figure all the daycare stuff out, especially when you want someone to do it for free! We will see! I am overjoyed and beyond thankful to have lost over 100 pounds. Its truly seems unreal to me. I had so much fun this weekend picking out outfits to bring, being able to walk all over the city and still have tons of energy. I am digging this!