Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Such a pretty face

All my life that has been an insult to me..usually because it followed the words, "If only you lost weight, you have such a pretty face!" like that was suppose to lessen the pain of basically being told, "Your fat!" Throughout this weight loss journey people have said a variety of things to me. But, last night at Bible study I ended up being just plain ticked off. We were finishing up the Pslams of Ascent study by Beth Moore. One of our discussion questions was,"When have you had to make a change?" My leader mentioned that I had gastric bypass, which several women didn't know. Now, one thing I have noticed is when someone finds this out they immediately look you up and down as if to say, "Hmm, really, I can't tell!" A few women were like, "I can't believe that, you weren't that heavy." "Its so hard to tell when someone is has such a pretty face, I just notice your eyes." I so badly wanted to be like, "Whatever people, I have lost near 100 pounds and gone down 10 sizes. Pretty face or not you should be able to tell and if you can't shut it!" Instead I just smiled and said nothing. It didn't make me feel bad, I have many "You look great!" comments to offset the rude ones it just sometimes makes me chuckle at the irony of the pretty face! Today as I walked the Celery Flats at a very fast clip I thought to myself.."Feeling this good is better than any compliment!" I love working out and having endless energy. I love looking in the mirror and feeling good. I love that I am almost minus 100 pounds! I love God for giving me this gift!
Happy Wednesday to you!


Carrie said...

Sorry I wasn't there to help you through that...some people. What do you do...you are not responsible for other people's comments. Other than small group discussion, how did it end? I'm sure Beth's ending was great! Sorry I missed it...Jess didn't get home until 10PM!! LOOOONG day and night for me!

Janine said...

Sue! 100 lbs??? That is fantastic. People say stuff all the time and they don't realize how it comes out. I know I am guilty of that at times. When do we get to see some more pictures?

Holly said...

100lbs...that's AWESOME Sue!!! And, I agree w/Janine...we need picture updates :D