Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Happy Mom's Day to any of you mommies out there! We've had a nice weekend. On Friday I made a spur of the moment decision to meet some friends at the casino in New Buffalo, which is about an hour away. I have been getting interesting reactions when I have told people this. I think its because since we go to a Wesleyan church and that is a big "no no" they think I have sinned or something. I didn't gamble, infact I really dislike gambling as it has destroyed several friends lives. But, I was meeting a friend who has been dealing with some tough issues with her son and I really felt like we needed some girl time. I watched her play three card poker and told her it was like watching algebra on a table, I just don't get poker. I also had to make a smart comment because at one point there was a lady at our table wearing oxygen and a man missing many of his teeth. I was thinking that perhaps when your on oxygen you may not want to be in a place filled with smokers and if your missing many teeth you may want to not spend your money on three card poker but on dental work instead..but I digress. I ended up spending the night there and got home early Saturday morning. We did yard work on Saturday and enjoyed the nice weather. Last night I had some girlfriends over for a girl's night. It was a mix of old and new friends which was nice. We talk about the usual stuff, kids, jobs, husbands..etc This morning we had nursery duty. After church we came home and fed the kids lunch and then when Caroline went down for a nap, Jeff did "the nice husband on mother's day thing "and took Matthew in the basement to play while I watched a movie and napped on the was glorious! We then headed to Kim and Wes's for a late lunch. The kids had fun running around and it wasn't too crazy for us adults to keep up with them! They were both so worn out that as I type this at 6:06 pm they are both sound asleep..HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ME!

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