Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Olivia Grace is here!

I just heard from my brother in Alabama that my newest niece has arrived! Olivia Grace Azzaro was born today at 12:17 and weighed in at 7 pounds 12 ozs. He is sending pictures later. Yeah, a new princess to spoil!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Five years

Is how long Jeff and I have been married. We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on April 26th. We had intended on going out to dinner but we had to go out for a friend's 40th on Friday night and it wiped out our budget! Plus, we are going to Chicago at the end of May for a fun Cubs weekend sans children! In many ways it seems like just yesterday that I took that walk down the aisle to say "I do" but in other ways, like two children and moving twice it seems like alot has happened. I am a big fan of lists so here are my top five reasons I love having Jeff as a husband..

5. He is the most patient person I have ever known.
4. He is amazing at math and can add and divide lots of numbers quickly in his head, I know weird.
3. He is the only person who knows EVERYTHING about me,the good, the bad and the ugly.
2. He is the most amazingly helpful father ever..hands down best daddy a kid could ever want.
1. He loves God and his family and I would never trade him for anyone or anything.

He is out tonight with some buddies he hasn't seen in awhile. I am ashamed to admit that I hold him hostage here most nights. I blame him because if he wasn't such a great daddy I wouldn't need his help.. right! Its funny thinking back to when I first met him in 1995. We have both changed so much since then but still there are some core things about Jeff that I loved back on that day that haven't changed at all. I hope we have many, many more anniversaries to come and that I will always have at least five items to share on why I love him. Here are some pictures from that day..not so long ago.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big boy

My mom takes a picture of all the grandkids at age three in this pose. She sends it to a special place and the do this cool enhancement to it. Matthew was quite agreeable for the pose! She also frames their little feet and handprints at age three. Again, Mr. Matthew was cooperative. We were suppose to have both Matthew and Caroline's pictures taken at an outdoor location this weekend but had to cancel due to the cold weathers return. We rescheduled for later in May, I am keeping my fingers crossed for more Spring like weather!

Birthday weekend pictures

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Before and afters

I am really fed up with uploading pics on Blogger right now. I spent alot of time doing it yesterday and then it wouldn't load to the page...uggh! So,I will post some Matthew birthday pics later. Many people have asked me if I am taking pictures of my weight loss progression..of course! Here are a few..


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Whee...I'm three!

Matthew had a wonderful third birthday. We had a family party on Sunday where he received many nice gifts including; a new picnic table, easel,Leap Pad, fire truck,a Woody doll from the Toy Story movie and lots of play dough stuff! He had so much fun being the center of attention. Yesterday, his actual bday we went to John Ball Zoo in leaves alot to be desired! We won't be returning! I am glad we have the Binder Park Zoo so close! He got a zoo pass from my mom and dad for his bday so we will be making lots of trips there! I tried out my new double jogger stroller..its wonderful! So light and easy to push!
Matthew was so well behaved this entire weekend. He seemed older to me so much like a big boy. Last night at Bible study we had to tell the person next to us the last time God revealed himself to us. At first I was like, "Hmm..let me think" but I ended up saying, "Through the gift of my little boy and being able to celebrate his birthday." I am so thankful for both of my children. Although many times mothering doesn't bring out the best in me its something I wouldn't trade for anything.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My baby is growing up...

Matthew will be three in two days..I can hardly believe it! We have had a busy couple of days around here. My mom came into town on Thursday to help me prep for our annual neighboorhood garage sale. It was quite successful for us which is nice since it did take a lot of work. I sold alot of baby clothes which was, I have to admit a little bittersweet. I am pretty sure we're done but selling all those teeny tiny outfits makes me a little sad. However, chasing crazy Caroline around the yard then brings me crashing back into reality! :) This afternoon we cleaned up and got ready for tommorrows big birthday celebration. Its just a family party this year but Matthew is VERY into his birthday. Sadly, he thinks he is getting a dog..HE IS NOT! No matter how cute he is when he looks at me with his big eyes and says,"All my life I have wanted a dog named Fluffy" he won't be getting one anytime soon! Its so cute though, if you ask him what he wants for his birthday he will say, "A dog" We are everyone over for dinner after church and then on Monday we are going to the Zoo in Grand Rapids. I wanted to go to the Zoo in Battle Creek, but it doesn't open until Tuesday. He is very excited about this trip! His Grandma and Papa Azzaro and Grandma Barb are coming along and daddy took the day off too! Fun stuff I tell you! I will post pics from the various celebrations soon! Hope your enjoying this lovely Spring weather!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Birthdays galore

April is a busy birthday month for the Simpsons. It all starts on April 2nd with my brother, Jeff and his twin sister Jenny's is the 4th,my brother in law Keith's is the 12th, our nephew Derek's is the 17th and Matthew's is the 21st. So, needless to say it can get a little kooky with that much cake eating:)
Jenny, Brian and Derek are in town this weekend to celebrate Derek's bday. We went over to Barb's today and of course the kids had a blast. Matthew just loves playing with Derek and they get along really well. Caroline was her usual get into everything self. Gotta love her adventursome spirit right?! She is now on oral antibiodics for her ear infections. They got worse over the past week. She has been very fussy as a result.
Last night we went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday. We went to the piano bar in downtown Kalamazoo, it was a lot of fun. Tonight, after a long day at grandmas we're just laying low. The kids are asleep and I am catching up on some blog reading and emailing and then plan on settling into the couch for the movie, "The Memory Keeper's daughter" on Lifetime. I read the book last summer and really enjoyed it. Tommorrow I have the dreaded church nursery duty. I hate to admit that I dread it but I do! After church its back to Grandma's for more playing..
Happy Saturday!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fun day

Jeff and I had a great time at our Final Four party in Hudsonville. We saw some friends we haven't seen in awhile. This is a group of pals we have been friends with for almost fifteen years so its always a great time. We also found out that one of our friends is pregnant with identical twins! They have struggled greatly over the past 18 months to get and stay pregnant so this is a huge blessing! We stayed the night and even got to sleep in! Of course it didn't feel like it since we were up till 2 am playing Catch Phrase!
When we got home we had fun with the kids outside playing. Our next door neighboor who Matthew is obessed with asked if she could take Matthew on a walk to the local grocery store, I have to admit I was like, "Are you sure you want to attempt this? But he did really well and even got an icecream treat! They were gone for almost an hour so we got lots done! We cleaned up the yard and garage some to prepare for the upcoming neighboorhood garage sale.
Here are some pics from yesterday!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Hard times in blogger land

The last couple of days I have been keeping up with some blogs of persons who are really struggling right now. There are two that I will mention and
I have mentioned Ethan before. He is I believe about 15 months old and has been battling leukimia since he was two months old. He is not doing well at all right now. His parents are such believers in prayer and God has delievered little Ethan from dying before but tonight its looking grim. Then there is Audrey Caroline. She is the unborn daughter of the leader singer of a Christian group that escapes me right now..I will look it up and post it mind is totally blanking! Anyways, she has far too many problems to live outside of her mother's womb. She is due to be delivered on April 7th and baring a miracle die that same day. Her parents have exhibited such faith and grace throughout this difficult journey, its nothing short of awe inspiring. My heart breaks for Ethan and for Audrey Caroline. I wish there was something more I could offer but know that my prayers may offer some peace with all the collective thousands that are being offered up for them and those that hold them dear.
Today, Caroline has been acting very strange. She has had spells of crying uncontrollably for up to an hour and half at a time. I took her to the Immediate care facility b/c our ped was completly booked. She has an ear infection so in a few days she will be fine. I noticed after I layed her down for bed that she was still making noises so I scooped her up and took her into our room to rock her. Something she normally will have none of. But tonight she just layed there and sucked those little fingers and would periodically look up at me and smile and give me her sweet little butterfly kisses. It was so precious, especially in light of the weight of all that is going on with parents and their children all over this world. I just felt grateful and blessed to be with this precious little girl who've we been blessed with.
So, moral of this blog...
IF YOU HAVE KIDS, young or old, go to them, if you can, PICK THEM UP, hug them ,shower them with kisses, if they are OLD, call them up and remind them how much they mean to you. After all, we never know what tommorrow holds...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I am going to kill Mother nature

I have blogged on this previously but I seriously need some Spring and I need it now. Matthew is going to go off his rocker if he doesn't get his hiney outside for several hours and several days in a row! He just stands at the window and says, " Its not raining, get your coat mommy, we're going outside!" If it wasn't raining cats and dogs, I would gladly take him out.
Caroline's language is exploding since her tubes have been in. Her newest vocab is
Papa, hot cocoa, poop, gotta love that one, dada, baby and sucker. That girl loves the suckers. She had her first one at at haircut a few weeks ago and just kept saying, "MMMMMMMMMMMM" too cute.
My weekend at Union Pier was great, I highly recommend the Inn at Union Pier. They are very hospitable. This weekend Jeff and I are going to a NCAA basketball party with some friends from college in Hudsonville. It should be very fun. We ended up bartering with our college babysitter. She is staying overnight and Jeff is doing her taxes for free. I am so sad b/c she is going to Spain for five months in August! What will we do with out our Staci!! I am so glad that she is able to have this opportunity. I never traveled abroad while in college, the parental units weren't at all for that, at least they weren't for paying for it! :)
Hope your week is going wonderfully!