Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring Fever

The Simpsons are aching for Spring! Thankfully, we have been blessed with two beautiful days in which we were able to be outside. We went on long walks and to the park. Just when I thought I would have an easier summer..CAROLINE! That little stinker is such a pain in the way she gets into everything that she is not suppose to but I have to say she is so cute doing it!! Today at the park the kindergartners were playing on the playground and about ten of them were lined up to take their turn on the slide. Did this deter Caroline from climbing UP the slide...never! She screamed when I kept repeatedly kept removing her head and shook her head NO! Oh well, I have been blessed with extremly active children what can I say!
Tommorrow we're going to an Easter egg hunt. I have enlisted Grandma Barb to help rear the troops. I don't know how people with more than two kids ever do things alone! (Jeff has to work in the am. ) Tommorrow night I am going out to dinner with some girls from church.
In the "gastric bypass" world things are going ok. I am now down nearly 70 pounds. Even my skinny clothes I had are getting big..yipee. But, the most exciting part is that I am enjoying working out again. I have gone on several good long walks at a pretty good clip and it feels glorious. I mean the difference between walking without 70 pounds is substanial. I feel so light in my shoes! I even had a desire to run, but was reminded by the jiggling buttocks area that I will definetly be needing spandex under the running pants before I run an marathons! TMI!! I feel good and am excited for Spring and my upcoming birthday money to buy some news clothes!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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