Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Caroline's first time in the snow

We are blessed to have some awesome neighbors here. Our favorite neighbors are Jaime and Steve who have two little girls who are 5and 2. Matthew loves playing with the "guys" and I love hanging out with Jamie. She is a great sounding board and is always great about helping me out if I need anything from someone to watch the kids last minute to a cup of sugar. Yesterday morning we were having a playdate and talked about needing to take the kids outside for some playing in the snow time. Matthew was quite the bear yesterday and honestly I didn't want to do anything that required effort on my part with him by 4pm. But, Jamie called and we bascially talked ourselves into it. I bundled up Caroline and we took her out too. She wasn't so sure, she could barely walk but I think she enjoyed it. I will post pictures later. Matthew, that little crazy at one point lost his boots and was running in the snow in thin socks for almost five minutes before I noticed. I told Jeff it scares me how much that kid can take. I mean his little tootsies had to have been freezing. I asked Jeff if he thought he had a sensory disorder. Jeff thinks he is so smart that he knew if I discovered the missing boots that I might make him go in so better to just run around in socks! Strange little man...
Caroline is sick again! She has had lots of iccky poops and an incredibly sore bottom. She screams in terror as you change her and for about twenty minutes afterwards. She also has a fever..I feel like she can't catch a break.
This weekend I am going to Chicago for a friend's babyshower. I am super excited to see her and some other friends I have seen in awhile and of course to have a kid free day and night! Am I horrible for admitting this??:(

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