Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Allergy girl update

I almost forgot to post about Caroline's allergy apppointment on Monday. It went well but it turns out she is indeed allergic to peanuts and eggs. At least it wasn't that huge list of items that the ped office initially told me. The bad news is we have to take all peanut products out of our house and Matthew basically exists on PB&J's so that isn't going to be fun. I did buy some Almond Butter today, I am not sure if it will go over well, it looks eekie and its $8 for a small container. But, the doctor warned with peanut allergies one time you may just get a swollen lip and eye and the next time could be anaphelytic death...scary. We do have epi pens in the house and we know how to use them and we tell everyone who cares for the kids about it but you just can't be too safe.
Both the kids have bouts with the "runs" as of late. Caroline since Sunday, Matthew began today..yipee! Plus, Matthew has boycotted naps the last five days! Good thing I love those little stinkies so much!!



Holly said...

wow...that can be scary!! Brian's boy is allergic to latex so he has to be careful about where he takes him. He can't go to a resturaunt that prepares it's food w/latex gloves, can't go anywhere w/balloons. The list of places that kid can't go is endless, but you do what you have to to keep your little one safe!!!

Janine said...

I thought that if you are allergic peanuts you are likely allergic to tree nuts (almonds, etc.) as well. Peanut allergy is becoming more and more common. I hope that Matthew does not miss his pb&j's to much.