Saturday, January 19, 2008

Scream, snuggle..repeat..

That is how I feel my life is these days when it comes to dealing with the kids. I start out with the best of intentions and then it all seemingly comes apart. Usually by 8am!! Part of my problem is that Matthew really resists change..what two and half year old does?! But it seems like whenever we are having to leave a fun time like yesterday at church, where we met some friends for a playdate, he completly freaks out. Thank goodness for friends who will hold your one year old while you scoop up your screaming, out of control 2.5 year old to the car! Usually by lunch I have had it and when he does the next irriating thing I lose it! Then,I feel bad for not showing him how to be calm when your feeling frustrated I snuggle him up and apologize for losin g it. But, inevitably, it all happens again. So were on this merry go round of out of control behaviors and parenting. UGGH!
Plus, I am not able to eat much of anything right now. The night before last I was awoken with such a sharp pain in my stomach I contemplated waking Jeff up to go to the ER. It passed but I can't manage to eat much so that isn't good. I guess I will have to call the doctor on Monday.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend...a screaming Caroline calls!

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