Friday, December 14, 2007

- 9.5 and other news about driving from Kzoo to GR

That is how much weight I have lost in the past week! Yippee! I was so happy to see that and the PA was pleased too. He told me of some patients who have these huge meals the day before surgery. I can't understand that..I mean we're talking about your life here! A week from now the surgery will be done. Yipee!
Tommorrow I am going with my friend Carrie to Josh and Shelly Buck's new property dedication. I am super excited for them! How nice it will be to have a real home to begin this new life they have bravely adapted to over the past almost year! Its back in GR and I am so happy I am not driving. I can't stand that drive..people drive like such IDIOTS! Thank goodness for my PRAY FOR JOSH sticker, its made me a better driver in so many ways. I am not sure if its from living in Chicago for 8 years but I am a very easily irritated driver. Yes, I will admit that my Christianity can go right out the window whilst driving. I have even been know to fly a certain bird, if you know what I mean!:( But, ever since I placed that sticker right smack dab in the center if my windshield I stop myself and think.." Nope, the PRAY FOR JOSH and the BIRD do not go hand and hand, cool it sister!" I am fond of the thumbs up to people who are intentionally irritiating me while driving,it totally throws them.
Caroline went back to the ped again...still has the infection so its tubeville for her. She goes for her consult on Thursday.
Have a good weekend!

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