Friday, November 16, 2007

Cutey Cousins

I can't wait for next week! I love the holidays! I am not too into the whole Thanksgiving food, I can take or leave turkey and pie but I love being with family and just hanging out. This year we're going to my parents in Chicago. My sister and her family will be there. Matthew and my nephew are only 6 months apart and I think they will really get along this year and have fun playing. My niece and I and maybe her mom,if I allow it :), are making a gingerbread house together too! I wanted to start a new tradition and Claire is way into crafts of any kind! Here are some pics of the cousins. Sophia is the sweetie in the Christmas pj's. My mom bought all the kids the same pj's for us to take pics of them all in for her Christmas card pic. My kids wouldn't cooperate at all so I am going to attempt it again over Thanksgiving with my sister's help! Happy Turkey day! Here are some pics of the cousins!
Also, I noticed last year I did a "Things I am Thankful for"..I have been mulling this over and will be posting soon. I would love to see what your all thankful in my comments. How about your top 3??? You can do it!!



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Carrie said...

3 things I am thankful for:
God, my husband, my kids and family...and my friends...ok, that's 4 or 5...
3 fun things I am thankful for:
Diet Coke with lots of ice, alone time no matter how I get it(!),& girls nights/lunch out...with no interruptions!!!