Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Can't catch a break

Caroline that is! Poor little girl has had some drama the last few days.It all began yesterday with what began as a seemingly innoncent one year check up. I thought I had booked it with a doc that was familiar with her eye issues. I was wrong and thus the drama began. She asked a bunch of questions about the wandering and I explained the whole red eye reflex issue, etc. So, upon checking her for her red eye she says to me"Well, I am really glad your getting a second opinion b/c her red eye reflex does concern me." to which I responded, "Well, there not addressing the red eye anymore, they are addressing the estropia." Caroline has been to two opthomology offices and both doctors had to dialate her eyes to see it and they both said she has really small pupils and its hard to see it in brown eye kids as well. Even with all this info, she is still making me feel like she isn't convinced. So, I finally tell her that and say, "This office is making me start to feel like you think something is really wrong,yet you don't do anything to definitevely tell me anything."Basically b/c I know that she is thinking with the red eye reflex being absent she may have a tumor. She admitted that and then said the one word that horrifies more than anything..neuroblastoma. A horrifying childhood cancer that I never want my child's name and it said in the same sentence. She kept saying, " I don't think she has a tumor, but if it would make you feel better we can run some blood tests" Finally, on the verge of tears I said, that yes, I want her tested for cancer markers so I can know that it JUST A LAZY EYE!! Then Caroline had to get three shots and after her pm nap she woke up with a 103 degree fever that lasted all night! Today was the blood draw and they couldn't get blood out of her right arm so we had to do the left too! They should have the results back tommorrow, which I am confident are fine, but geez!! I know docs have to cover their own bums, but its tough to be a parent in an over cautious world! I will definetly only be seeing the same doc for her annual apts from now on, so that they at least might be somewhat familiar with her and her eye issues!
In other, non Caroline news, I had fun at the Hearts at Home conference. It was very worthwhile and I highly recommend it!We had the Fall Festival for my MOPS fall fundraiser,which also went well. Matthew looks so stinkin cute in his Buzz costume! He loves it!! I will post Halloween later this week!



Sarah said...

How frustrating for both you and Caroline. You both will be in our prayers.

wacquiejacquie said...

Poor little peanut! She seriously can't catch a break lately! Let me know how it goes with the results?