Thursday, September 13, 2007

If you ask them, they just might come...

This is how I need to start thinking about asking people to church, MOPS, etc. I am working on it and getting better but still I know I fall short. This Sunday, Josh Buck is speaking at our church so I have invited alot of our non Christian and Christian friends. His message is just so powerful that I am hopeful and prayerful that they will come and be touched by something they hear from him. Tonight I went to a friends jewelery party and ended up inviting several moms to my MOPS group. I feel more comfortable doing that somehow. I think that its because I struggle with aspects of our church right now. I love our small group and the friends I have made through it. To be honest, its what keeps me keeping on at times. But, also there are things like our Pastor calling to see how my mom is doing. Those things do make a difference and lets face it no church is perfect!

So, I am going to start inviting the heck out of people..and maybe one life will be transformed from a simple step made by me.


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HP & Diane said...

"AMEN" on your Mom's doctor reports this week! Your faith and relationship with God has been strengthened through this "trial".

I also understand the "struggles" with some of the aspects of church right now - hang in there - and thank you for the support you've given this week to Carrie!