Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More eye trouble for Squeaky

That is what we call Caroline..even Matthew is calling her that in addition to the usual "Anna"! Anyways, after all the trama of the eye stuff a few weeks ago I have noticed that when she is eating a bottle or baby food her left eye rolls inward. So, I took her to the doctor today and she noticed it too (she happen to be eating a bottle at the office) and so she has to go back to the opthamologist to get some advice from them. They think she will either need a patch or glasses to strengthen the weak eye! It seems relatively minor compared with the scariness that could have been a few weeks ago! Maybe she can be a pirate for Halloween!:)

We decided not to take her back to the first doc, he wasn't that impressive. So, we have to wait until September 27th to get her in to the practice they suggested. But, the doctor said that is fine! So now we will have a helmet and a patch/and or a pair of glasses to remember these wonderful early days by! I can just imagine taking them out when they are in their twenties and showing them!

We may be going to Chicago next week to see my parents. I mentioned it to my mom b/c Jeff has a business trip through Thursday and I thought it might help break up the week. I wasn't sure if my mom would be up for it b/c she has had my niece there all week for "Camp Grandma" and my sister and her inlaws are coming this weekend to take my niece and my sister's sister in laws little girl to the American Girl store, so she will have a weekend of company in addition. Then my dad makes it sound like she is so weak and tired and not herself and basically gave me the impression not to come. I will admit that when I got off the phone I did cry. Mostly because I miss my mom feeling normal and we have no certainty that she will feel like herself anytime soon. In fact, they have told her it could take up to 2 years for her to regain her injured muscles, which is basically her upper body muscles. In addition she is on some heavy duty meds to keep the dermamyotosis at bay. I thought this sucks for like a minute then remembered there are many more people in worse situations then us and sucked it up. Then my mom called later tonight and said when I picked up the phone

" Hello, Susan, I could barely dial, I am so weak!"
To which I responded
"What? mom??"
Mom: " Dad told me what he said and he is crazy..I am fine. Please come if you want to .

We decided that my dad is missing free reign at golfing..he is a total addict. So,we just might go. A little all over the place apologies!

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