Sunday, August 19, 2007

How times have changed

Yesterday, Jeff, me and Caroline went up to Grand Haven for a party at our college friends, Amy and Tony's house. It was a nice day, despite the rain and nine little ones under the age of three running around like crazy. I had mixed feelings about leaving Mathew with Grandma because I know he would have fun there. But, he would have been so crazy and since Jeff and the guys were going boating we decided not to. Caroline loved crawling around and playing with the other kids and since she is so laid back it wasn't as stressful for me just to have her. It was weird looking around at all the kids and thinking of how much life and parties have changed since we all started hanging out a little over ten years ago. Its cool, because there is that history there and we all go through the same stages for the most part at the same time.

We were bad this morning and skipped church! Shame! Shame! It was storming out and Jeff let me sleep in till 9:30 and I just couldn't get it together. I feel bad. I haven't been to our church in like a month. Between vacation, and sick kids. Last week I went to a different church to see what it was like. It was ok, total Willow Creek wanabe. Since we went to the real deal and lived down the street from it for two years, I kind of am turned of by WCW(Willow Creek Wannabe) churches. I know the serve a purpose, but for me, I like a smaller community and the really showy services don't really serve me for where I am at in my walk. To each there own. This church is really growing and so that makes me think they must be a lot of people's cup of tea.

Tommorrow me and the kids are headed to Chicago. I am taking Matthew to a children's museum on Tuesday so that should be fun. Jeff will be gone till Weds night so at least it will break up the time that he is gone and the kids can see Grandma and Papa!


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