Thursday, July 19, 2007

Suddenly blogland is very, very small!

So, I came down this morning with Matthew to play and check my email/blogs and to my surprise I found I had another comment from yesterday's post. But to my shock and horror the comment was from the one, the only....JASON GEHOSKI! Yes, the same Jason Gehoski who I had the crush on, wrote a fake letter about, etc! I was on the phone with someone at the time and I really think I sounded like such an idiot I was in such shock! Its too funny really! He just stumbled across it while looking for something else. I sent him an email apologizing..he claims its not mortifying..I beg to differ:) So, so funny! When I called Jeff and told him he was laughing so hard I thought he might pass out! I also called a couple of my high school friends who were like..."This could only happen to you!"

So, let the lesson be careful what you write or you could find yourself with a comment from your old crush!!:)



Christy said...

Oh my, that is too funny! Thanks for the reminder that blogging is for all the see! I have been enjoying your blog.

Janine said...

I was dying laughing myself. I thought it was awesome. I hope he and his wife (if he is married) will send you a Christmas letter this year. :-)

Holly said...

lol...too funny!

Karen said...

The Jason Gehoski Christmas letter. One of my all time favorite Sue stories. I love it & it could only happen to you! Great talking to you tonight!