Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mommy has no emeregency reaction skills

Yesterday we were at our friends in laws cottage on Gun Lake. Matthew loves it there. He usually wears this little life vest/swimsuit but at one point yesterday he didn't have it on b/c he was suppose to be napping but climbed out of the pack and play and I just had brought him back down to the lake. Anyways, he was toddling around, right near me when all of a sudden he went up in that horrid child drowning pose. Face in the water, arms and legs out. But, the thing is that he does that all the time in the bath so I just said, "Matthew stop it" but my neighbor went barreling over and grabbed him up. He had to have been holding his breath, b/c he wasn't choking or anything. I am sure that they all think I am a horrible mom though. Plus, he got a little sunburn on his nose so Jeff is claiming I am a bad mom:)

When we got home he crawled out of his crib twice! Finally, after threats that we would take his pacies away, he stayed in! But, we think a big boy bed may be needed. We are going on our annual South Haven trip in a week and he won't stay in the pack and play anymore..he is just too big. So we may just have to take everything out of his room, and try the bed! We may just have to pad the walls...just kidding..sort of:)

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Carrie said...

Hey there! Sorry about your Matthew "scares"...we put Jonah in a big boy bed when he turned 2 and it went very well. He loved it! We, of course, had to work on staying in bed, but that's to be expected. I am glad we did it at 2...he was ready. We made it a big celebration and so it helped him feel so big and proud too! Good luck!