Thursday, May 24, 2007 the head

Matthew had to get two staples in his head yesterday. We had gone to my last MOPS meeting and when I dropped him off at the childcare, he threw a tantrum and threw himself into the door, well his head went right into the corner and caused a pretty decent sized gash. It bled for quite awhile and then stopped but still looked pretty bad. He was very brave but restless at having to wait. Daddy met us at the hosptial, which isn't very hard since he works there :) and helped. Thankfully my friend, who had just had her second child last week was able to watch Caroline, I didn't feel too bad asking b/c she still had some help from her mom who is in town.

After the running away episode, the staples and other dramas in my life, I feel emotionally drained. Today, we went to a friends house for a playdate and they live on a really busy street.He was running away from me and I just lost it. That fear of never knowing when he is going to run for it or be naughty is too much, especially in light of the past few days. I was in the midst of scooping them both up when my friend suggested that we stay for a little while and she would bring him inside. I am glad we stayed, it ended being ok.

If I make it to the fall with this little boy without being committed or will be only a miracle!



Jamie & Heather said...

Oh Sue I so know that fear about never knowing when your child is just going to take off full speed and not listen to your stop!! (To tell the truth I was scared on Wed.that Faith was going to do that very thing!!) It takes your breath away!!

I don't blame you for loosing it... I know I have many a times after my emotions have been pulled...

I am glad you came and stayed!

Janine said...

Sue, you are not alone. I think almost every mom I know has similar fears while their children are toddlers. Each of my children at one point or another made the "great escape". We had to install a fence at our house on Newhouse St. because Jake kept running for the road. Our neighbors called it Jacob's Jail.

Holly said...

I'm glad you ended up staying, and I understand the fear! I took the boys to McD's to play today, all by myself, and even in a confined room, I was constantly worried, keeping a CLOSE eye. You just never know.