Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summertime and the living's easy

I thought I would shout out a prayer request for my sister and her family. This might sound like its not much but to her its really stressing her out. They have been unable to sell their house in MI for the last 6 months. They relocated to Kohler, WI in January because my brother in law took a job with Kohler. They have dropped the price substanially and are living in a rental but the house just isn't moving and they are at a loss at what to do. Now I know that its stressful, but sometimes I just want to say "Get some perspective" I am not sure what she would ever do if something truly stressful/tragic happened to her. She gets so bogged down by smaller things. Not that this situation doesn't merit some stress. But, to her its like the worlds ending. She is impossible at taking advice too!! But, please say a prayer that it sells and she calms down and is more trusting of God and His plan for her life!

In other news. Life has returned to normal. My mom was here through Tuesday. She is so helpful helping clean, organize buying Matthew all sorts of stuff!:) This weekend were just laying low. No fireworks for us, way passed bedtime:) I remember making fun of people who never went to fireworks when there kids were little now I TOTALLY understand! You do not want to mess with the schedule!!

Happy 4th!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home again

Well we are back! We had fun,but I will say that spending a week with Matthew in my room, throwing pacies at me at 5am has made me wonder when I will get my next vacation??! It was nice, but the weather stunk, cloudy and rainy alot which made for being inside all day with Matthew and his cousin Derek, who is 4 days older than him. Matthew liked to think Derek was a punching bag, literally, which meant Jeff and I had to constantly say " No,no, don't hit your cousin", "Matthew, NO!!!" Derek is a little gun shy about being with us anyways, he is a REAL mommies boy so he cried almost everytime Matthew came his way. Plus, Derek woke up several times a night...ahh kids!

Matthew did love the water and beach!! He is such a dare devil, he b lined for the water each chance he could and cried hysterically when Jeff took him inside! All in all it was a nice time and good for all the cousins to be together. The baby, who I think will definetly be named Caroline, has been a kicking superstar!! She is so active, so fun to experience that! Makes me wonder what she will be like on the outside! I had a couple moments of panic when she was extra quiet a few mornings but then came to my senses and remembered that God is watching over both of us!! God is probably like, "Geez, your never happy, with your son, you freaked because he never moved, now I give you a mover and your still a freak!" Thats me, FREAK!!

S (Freak)!:)

Friday, June 16, 2006


Well,we're leaving shortly to go on vacation with Jeff's family to a house on lake Michigan in West Olive, between Grand Haven and Holland. I always enjoy our lake vacation, its so generous of Jeff's mom to do it for us. Jeff was unable to come for the whole week last year because he had just begun his job at Borgess, but this year he is able to make it for the whole week, yeah! I need to know how to download pics on my blog, I am such a computer idiot though, so it will probably take someone coming over and showing me! :) I should be finishing up packing and cleaning a little, I hate coming home to a dirty house! But, I don't want to!!

I have gotten some really positive feedback from my testimony. I am so glad that I did it and hope that it was able to bring someone closer to Christ! Ok, must go pack!


Monday, June 12, 2006


Well, last night I gave my testimony at our team's L3 service. I think it went well, our video didn't turn out, but I think my portion went well! I am proud of myself for "coming clean", its hard to do that sometimes. Sometimes its nice to just let people think one thing or not really know at all! I am getting excited for vacation, we are going to a house on Lake MI in between Holland and Grand Haven for a week starting Fri with Jeff's family. I am really looking forward to spending a whole week with Jeff and Matthew. Jeff is such an awesome dad, so involved, I am very blessed! For those who read my blog, keep my friends' baby Cameron in your prayers, he is five weeks old and having brain surgery on Thursday, he was born with Dandy Walker variant and has hydrosephulus sp?? He is such a sweetie from the pics on his blog! I can't imagine having to give your newborn baby over to have surgery on his brain!! I barely handled Matthew's ear tubes!!:) The baby is moving all the time, except in the early am, she is very quiet, very different from her big bro, that is when he did all his moving and then nothing for the rest of the day!! Well, that is it, kind of boring!


Saturday, June 10, 2006

I don't understand..

My mom called me today with sad news. Their friends daughter who was due in early November lost her baby. She went in for her regular check up and there was no heartbeat. Sadder yet, she had a baby son, Jack prematurely at 26 weeks about 20 months ago who died when he was a month old. When she was pregnant with Jack, she had interuterine growth restriction. So he was very small when he was born. I feel so badly for them, and have to admit that when hearing news like that I get mad, WHY???? Especially when there are so many crappy, abusive parents out there, its not fair!! I will never understand things like that. Just makes me appreciate and be grateful for all I have!! I don't really feel like talking about my happy little life.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Its a ....

Well a baby GIRL will soon be joining our family! Everything went so great, she looks wonderful ,has all her parts and measurements had her about 2 weeks ahead even! We even got a 3D of her little face! I am still in shock, even though I had a feeling it was a girl! Now, the panic about the fact that we're surrounded by boy stuff!! I am sure Grandma Azzaro will be outfitting her nicely, along with Grandma Murphy. I loved the ultrasound guy, he is such a soothing person that if something was wrong I would have wanted him telling me. He thoroughly explained everything he was doing! I was telling him about all the stuff I knew about birth defects and I think he must of thought I was a freak. I have always been that way, always preparing myself for the worst. The problem with that is you miss out on a lot when you do that to yourself. I am working on it!! I am so happy that God has blessed us with a daughter! Now I have to convince Jeff that we're not done with 2!! He said," Perfect, one of each" when we found out and then " What are we going to do with all those boy clothes?" To which I responded, "Keep them in case the third is a boy" he just hmmmpfed! Well, God had a different plan with this little bambina so we will see! Thank God for the Catholic hospitalthat employsmy husband and won't pay for birth control!!:))))


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Boy or Girl???

I finally have comments on my blog!! Well, we find out on Monday whether we are having a boy or girl. I am still thinking girl but we will see. I am feeling anxious, I have to admit I have fear about it. I want everything to be ok and know it will be but still...........yee of little faith! I do feel so blessed to have both Matthew and this baby. I have found myself really just enjoying him and being so grateful and thankful for him. He is a little naughty boy sometimes, but I love him so much, even when he is biting and pinching me!! We have decided on some names, I think , if its a girl its going be Caroline Carlysle, I just think Caroline is such a classic, pretty name and Carlysle was my grandma's maiden name. If its a boy, I am thinking Daniel or maybe Leo, after my dad, and the middle name will probably be Sheffield,after the beloved Cubs, Wrigley Field is on three roads, Sheffield, Addison and Clark. I think its kind of cute! Ok, I am tired, I will hopefully get more comments! I have thought about sending the address out to my hotmail contacts but don't know if I am ready for that. I feel like this is a diary of sorts!