Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ultrasounds, babies, trust

Hello all,
Well, no more horribly sad news, although I am still constantly thinking and praying about my friend's sister. We have another ultrasound on Thursday, they make me so nervous. I feel like the whole day before I set myself up with negative thoughts, like what if there is no heartbeat, what if something is wrong. But the thing is that I do feel a lot more at peace with this pregnancy. Even in the midst of horrible news, like a stillbirth. I trust my faith in Christ and know that even in a horrible circumstance, I would feel His love for me. Although I am sure the heartache of losing a child changes you forever.
Ok, moving on, I can't believe that Matthew is almost 1!! My little baby! He is becoming such a big boy lately, constantly pulling him self up, starting to cruise! His smiles just melts your heart! I love that little boy so much! I find myself thinking how can I possibly love another child as much, what if there isn't enough of me? Then I think that the love will just multiply! I can't wait to meet this little person, who by the way, I am sure is a girl! Seriously, I would be really shocked if it was a boy! Come late May, early June we will know!


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